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The place to share your Impulse Responses

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Sat Aug 14, 2010 1:43 am

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Welcome to the Fruity Convolver Forum

This is the place to share your impulse responses.

Impulse Response Resources

Fruity Convolver comes with a collection of impulse responses, however the addictive nature of these files will mean that you will soon be looking for more. Below are several links to get you started. To load a new impulse response from outside FL Studio, left-click on the 'Load File' icon on the Impulse Editor window and browse to the location of the new impulse responses.

The manual

Click here to see the manual page complete with Tutorials (down the bottom of the page).

Sampling Plugin Reverbs with Fruity Convolver

It's sample week here at Image-Line first sampling VST's now sampling Reverbs :)

You can also check the manual (down the bottom of the page) for a nice list of links to pre-existing impulse response files and some tips of making impulse responses from real spaces.

Here's an impulse I made earlier in my bathroom. I used a pair of AT3032 mics into a SoundDevices MixPre then into an Edirol R44 digital recorder running at 24 bit 44.1 kHz and the 'hand clap' method.

Download the impulse below...



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