VC-20 - Vintage Color 2020, for that instant vintage feeling.

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Sun Sep 06, 2020 3:59 pm


VC-20 - Vintage Color 2020, for that instant vintage feeling.

Hi everyone!

I have spent a lot of time building a patch that works similar to RC-20. :D

VC-20 is a multi effect tool. It is very easy to create a washed out sound from the past. It is especially useful for creating a lo-fi sound.

But you can also use extreme setting of the effect-modules for sounddesign.


  • Download the updated patch file (V1.2) from my reply post below and save it in your patcher-presets folder.
  • Download the Noise zip, unpack it, and put the unpacked folder (20_Noise) in your Packs folder. That’s the folder where you would normally save a new drum kit etc. ( :arrow: Data/Patches/Packs).
  • You need to press play (pattern or playlist) to activate all functions.
Good to know:
  • It only uses stock plug ins and the six noise samples attached to this post.
  • The noise samples are easily exchangeable with your own favourite noise samples :arrow: you will find a guide in the map at the top (left upper patcher tab).
  • It has every effect module except for the reverb and the width function :arrow: use the LS Stereo Imager from the legendary Light Shard! :-)
  • The “Magnitude” slider works like the real thing and is not a regular “mix”-slider. Unfortunately, I could not figure out yet how to program it properly for the “Tone”, “In” and “Out” knob. So, consider this when making a cool transition with an automation clip for the “Magnitude”.
  • I am still searching for better distortion models, but I think for now it will do.
  • Press the mousewheel to set every knob & slider to their default value
  • Flux does really flux it up. ;-)

Please report bugs.


Below you will find a quick Demo I made, using the modules "Noise", "Wobble" and "Distortion". I went very subtle on the Wobble effect. :)

Best Regards

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All files you need for the noise-module. Unpack and place the folder called "20_Noise" into the "Packs" file directory.
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Fri Sep 18, 2020 4:23 pm


Re: VC-20 - Vintage Color 2020, for that instant vintage feeling.

Thanks @andredazzo! And also thank you everybod...
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