Trying to work out auto gain compensation in Patcher: help requested!

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Thu May 14, 2020 3:41 pm


Trying to work out auto gain compensation in Patcher: help requested!

When you use a compressor, EQ, etc. you might want to do auto gain compensation if you are doing surgical work such as mastering or precise mixing. I was just doing a song where I was sidechaining the master with a high passed version of itself to remove lows from the gain reduction, and the high pass dramatically decreased the volume of the detection circuit, which made it sound like the bass was actually louder.

I am trying to figure out a way to implement this in FL Studio. Any help welcome.

I have put in some example numbers below for clarity. Of course the numbers in real life may vary dramatically from moment to moment, song to song, etc.

I see this signal chain like this, all done in patcher:

Patcher audio input -> Detector 1 -> Effect -> Detector 2 -> Gain Adjuster -> Patcher audio output

Detector 1: Peak Controller to detect volume/gain level (for example, for a sustained bass note, it might be -6 dB constant value)

Effect: Compression: makes the sound 3 dB quieter

Detector 2: Peak Controller to detect volume/gain level post-effect (-9 dB now)

Gain Adjuster: Formula Controller with formula:


a=Detector 1 volume (-6 dB)

b=Detector 2 volume (-9 dB)

c = Amount to change gain by

a-b = -6 - (-9) = -6 + 9 = 3

Thus, we should add 3 dB of volume now using Fruity Balance. This value comes out to roughly 0.91 in Fruity Balance. I am not sure how to get Fruity Balance to represent an exact gain number since our only automation input to it is [0, 1] representing dB values [-inf, +6].

Advice here appreciated, thank you

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