Band split sidechaining

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Sun Jan 10, 2016 6:16 pm


Band split sidechaining

What is does
This preset splits the audio and the kick and snare up in 3 bands. Then each band gets sidechained separately to ensure a cleaner side chain.
It also allows you to bypass any sound by routing it in the patcher called bypass. In there you choose how much the sound gets bypassed for the low and mid/high.

how to use it
Place the preset in a sidechain bus and route your kick and snare as a side chain input.Then route the kick and snare in the stereo shapers.
Go into the surface to adjust the bands.
Then open the fruity limiters and start tweaking!

You can bypass something by routing it to the patcher named bypass then go into the surface of the bypass patcher to tweak.
You can add a new bypass just by copying it.
Note that putting a effect before the sidechain patch will mess up the bypassing.

There is a more in depth manual inside the patch in the fruity notebook.

here is the surface of the patch

here is the surface of the bypass

How it works
This preset splits the kick snare and audio(stuff that needs to be sidechained). I did this because the snare doesn't have lowend and a kick's high end is shorter than its low end.
The splits have a offset control because the cuts don't alway line up perfectly(it should be fine how the are set by default)

The bypass patcher works by routing the sound inverted in phase before the fruity limeters so that the sound cancels out so that the un sidechained sound can be rerouted back. The knobs in the surface turn the inverted and not inverted sound down. I 2 knobs only because i wanted to be able to copy and paste bypass preset. And adding one would mean that i would need 1 more send while fl has only 4.

That was a lot of info so be sure to ask questions if you have them.

The routing

inside the band splits

routing of the bypass

routing inside the bypass
Band Split Sidechaining with bypass (Stock FL).fst
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