Help with a preset? Well, planning of one?

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Wed Oct 26, 2016 3:03 pm

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Help with a preset? Well, planning of one?

Hi everyone, apologies as I'm very new at this, but want to learn.

I've been toying with an idea lately, but I am perhaps not as well-versed in FL Studio, Patcher specifically, or general music production knowledge to execute it entirely on my own. I'm hoping that I can lay out the idea here and perhaps a couple posters might be able to help me with a plan of attack on this.

I'm thinking of trying to program an "ear training" preset that would let you do at least the first of the ear training exercises recommended here:( I've heard of these exercises before, but they sort of require a partner to play you your examples, because you can't know what's coming. The first exercise consists of playing a cadence, to set your ear to a particular key center, and then following it with a single note randomly chosen. Degree of difficulty can be set according to the subset of possible intervals it tests (starting with the basics 1-3-5-8ve, moving on to any major scale degree, etc).

So essentially what I'd need to set up inside Patcher is a way for the user to choose a root note (or it to randomly select one), and then to play a cadence using that root note, followed by a randomly chosen interval. That interval has to be either hidden from view, or the user cannot be looking at the screen at all during the exercise (and thus not require using the screen to interact with the patch).

So here's a sort of "workflow" I'm picturing for the patch:

Click "start" or the like. Perhaps the user plays a single note, which sets the key of the exercise, or it's random, etc.

Patcher plays a single root note, followed by a quick I-V-I or I-IV-V-I cadence.

Patcher randomly plays a scale degree.

The user can then check to see if they have correctly identified the scale degree, perhaps by playing it (would have to know what key center they're in already). There would have to be a way to "rehear" the example, so it can't just be something simple like a random arpeggiator, as it would not guarantee a repeat of the interval.

Once the user has it right (either by verifying them self and clicking next, or playing the correct key, etc) a new key/cadence/interval is played, rinse and repeat, yay ear training!
Ideally I'd like to evolve the patch to handle all three of the exercises but obviously I will start small.

Does anyone have any ideas (or examples to recommend for me to study) on setting something like this up? Is it even possible, using the various keyboard controllers and such to set something like this up? Interested more in the conceptual, than specifics. Any thoughts on how I could use Fruity keyboard controller, and the like to trigger different, random midi clips or something?

Possible? Not possible? Not worth the time investment over a website that's out there? Just toying with the idea of doing this both as a learning experience for Patcher but also so I have a neat tool to use afterwards. Thanks!

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