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Fri Dec 16, 2016 9:54 pm

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Limitless Clone - Mastering Tool

This Patcher preset is an easy mastering tool. It is a simpler clone of the fantastic plugin Limitless by DMG Audio.

Preset Download (Maximus, Fruity Limiter, and Fruity Formula Controller):
(64.98 KiB) Downloaded 130 times

This 3-band Dual Stage Limiter uses 2 instances of Maximus to handle separate limiting of the average (RMS) and peak signal.
The first instance uses a slow Attack, Sustain, and Release in RMS mode to shape the average signal level smoothly.
The second instance uses a tiny window (0.01ms-5.0 ms) in Peak mode to catch transients.

Interface Screenshot:

Control Description:
Pre-Gain - Adjusts overall input signal gain
Low/Mid/High Gain - Adjusts individual band gain before both the RMS and Peak stages
L/M/H Crossovers - Adjusts band split frequency for the Low/Mid and Mid/High filters
RMS Attack - RMS attack for all bands (10ms-500ms)
RMS Release - RMS release for all bands (50ms-1000ms)
RMS Release Shape - Mix between accelerating and decelerating release for all bands
Curve - Attack and release curve for all bands
RMS Sustain - RMS averaging window for all bands (10ms-1000ms)
Lookahead Delay - Amount of Lookahead used by the RMS stage (10ms-1000ms) (Not Realtime Adjustable)
RMS Crossover Slope - Toggle between 12db and 24db crossover slope
Peak Window - Adjust the Peak attack, sustain, release, and lookahead delay for all bands (0.00ms-5.00ms) (Not Realtime Adjustable)
Peak Curve - Adjust attack and release curve for all bands
Peak Release Shape - Adjust mix between accelerating and decelerating release for all bands
Multiband Mix - Amount of per-band peak limiting used before the final peak limit stage.
Peak Crossover Slope - Toggle between 12db and 24db crossover slope

Dry/Wet Comparison (00:00 off > 00:05 on > 00:11 off > 00:16 on):
--:-- / --:--

Demonstration Project (Image-Line plugins and stock samples):
(177.13 KiB) Downloaded 84 times

Usage Tips:
  • Place this on the master bus in a new project and do the entire composition process without worrying about levels and clipping.
  • Small changes to the pre-gain levels and band split frequencies have a drastic impact on the result.
  • As the peak window is moved closer to 0, the overall volume will drop, but audible distortion will decrease. At 0, it switches to clipping mode.
  • The crossover slope has a greater impact on the RMS stage than it does on the Peak stage.
Full Demonstration Song Comparison:
--:-- / --:--
--:-- / --:--

As a final note, the real Limitless plugin is significantly cleaner than this will ever be. It has 6 bands, linked limiting, and better transient detection/shaping algorithms. I own and extensively use Limitless, but the goal for this project was to provide some of its "magic" to those who don't own it, especially since it's ~$190.

I hope it's a helpful tool!

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