Mixing Tools v1.0

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Tue Oct 31, 2017 8:14 am

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Mixing Tools v1.0

Hey guys, i made this patcher preset a while ago, called it 'mixing tools' :) It suppose to help get better mixing results. You gotta listen your music on various sources/conditions before it's complete, to make sure it sounds good everywhere. So i made immitation for quick reference of different conditions and basic things to put a mix through.
- Mono (of coarse :) )
- Limiter (quick mastering preview)
- High/low pass (i personally use it a lot while mixing)
- cheap set of speakers (+shopping mall/large hall music immitation)
- Transistor radio playing in a room
- Boom box
- Cell phone (as if you listening music through your phone in a room, i think you get the idea).

Let me know if you like it or not :wink:

Looks like this
MIXING TOOLS.jpg (204.71 KiB) Viewed 501 times

Here is patcher preset
(61.68 KiB) Downloaded 80 times

I also made a quick pannel that you can always keep on somewhere,
Mixing Tools (Mini Pannel).jpg
Mixing Tools (Mini Pannel).jpg (66.28 KiB) Viewed 502 times

Control surface preset
Mixing Tools (Mini Pannel).fst
(18.53 KiB) Downloaded 62 times

In order for it to work you need to link all buttons to it or just use this project
Tools project.flp
(145.77 KiB) Downloaded 67 times

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