Reeverb 2.unreal

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Mon Nov 13, 2017 9:04 am


Reeverb 2.unreal

Hi there!

I've been building a Reeverb Patcher in the last weeks, based on Reeverb 2.
Patcher Reeverb 2.unreal.JPG
Patcher Reeverb 2.unreal.JPG (103.5 KiB) Viewed 2180 times
What does this one do?

- Provide a sidechain option for the wet signal. This is the main reason to use this patcher. Often it will clean up your sound a lot if reverb kicks in after your original signal.
- provide some effects (parallel) for the wet signal

Both options got nothing to do with a "real" reverb - so here you go: .unreal

In detail:

PRE EQ: Form the signal, that will go into the Reverb unit. Won't effect the dry signal.
There are 4 predefined bands (highpass, lowpass, notch, bandpass) and 3 free bands (high shelf, bell, low shelf).
Beware: there might be phasing issues when using the EQ since it's not a linear phase EQ but Parametric II behind the GUI. As well there might be phasing due to the effects at a later stage.

REVERB: As known from Reeverb 2.
X/Y pad for decay & room size, since I find adjusting both parameters at once quite handy.

MID/SIDE: Decide if you want only mid, only sid or both reverb options.
Set effects for mid/side separately. Mono/stereo will switch the final signal mono/stereo - this is for mono compatibility use (if you care at all).

mix your mid/side level

Effects will work parallel to each other and to uneffected reverb signal.

Effect based on Squeeze.

Effect based on Fast Dist.

Based on the peak controller I implemented an expand/sidechain module for dry reverb/crusher/distortion.
Expand will let the sound appear, when the trigger signal is there - sidechain the opposite. Turn the knobs left for expanding, right for sidechaining, reset them for no effect.

This will effect the sidechain trigger signal only, coming directly from FL. The prior PRE EQ has no effect here.
Only highpass, lowpass, notch, bandpass available here.
"listen" button to hear your trigger signal only.

Find three mix sections the set your dry reverb signal and both effect signals. Determine volume and sidechain effect. A/B/Solo by using the buttons.

Set your absolute DRY/WET ratio. DRY means the completely uneffected signal as coming from FL, WET means the mixed EQed/MID/SIDE/DRY/CRUSHed/DISTORTed signal.

Actually I would have liked some visual feedback for several parts - like there is in the plugins. And I would have liked a Chorus module as well. But that would have been just too much for the screen. And I don't like how much CPU it eats. May be there could be some professional implementation - let's call it Reeverb 3 and expect it in FL20 may be? :D

Jokes aside, hope you have fun with this one!

8 bars dry, 8 bars wet (classical),
4 bars dry, 4 bars wet (electronical)
--:-- / --:--
Patcher - Reeverb 2.unreal.flp
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Mon Nov 13, 2017 12:00 pm


Re: Reeverb 2.unreal

Cool idea, and great surface UI! Looks like it'...

Sat Dec 02, 2017 5:50 am


Re: Reeverb 2.unreal

Def trying this out in a few! Thanks a lot for ...

Tue Dec 12, 2017 6:07 am


Re: Reeverb 2.unreal

This looks legit! Can't wait to try it out.

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