Sometimes more time spent in CP than writing music

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Wed Nov 22, 2017 5:00 am


Sometimes more time spent in CP than writing music

Everything has a function and purpose,and I couldn't have made the track without it.

Anyone else have this "problem"?

P.S I've written a detailed document about desired functionalities/pitfalls of the current version, if the dev team would like to check out my thoughts.

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Ability to copy and paste controls

An internal Patcher mixer, both for audio signals and events

Ability to change size and colours of control labels

Import external images into bevels.

Drag and drop panel for control presets.

Event output back to FLStudio for automation/event control control.

Keyboard for Control Surface.

Spectrogram for Control Surface.

Enhanced Formula controller with multiple inputs and outputs.

Align to grid option and grid size options.

Multilink to controllers to work with Control Panel controls as well as midi.
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