Sytrum Percussion - Sytrus Remixed (50 Patches each for Patcher & Sytrus)

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chuck death
Tue Dec 18, 2018 2:30 am


Sytrum Percussion - Sytrus Remixed (50 Patches each for Patcher & Sytrus)

Whatever you celebrate at this time of the year, here's a little present for you all...
Sytrum Percussion Synth.JPG
Sytrum Percussion Synth.JPG (728.33 KiB) Viewed 2056 times
This is Sytrum - Sytrus remixed with a percussion specific front end built in Patcher.

Included in the download are 51 Patcher presets (50 percussion patches by me + 1 default patch). Also included are the same presets (except for the default patch) saved directly from Sytrus so they can be used directly without the need for Patcher or the front end.

Patcher presets are for the generator version of Patcher not the effect version. Therefore they should be placed in your Patcher Presets folder inside the generators folder of your plugin presets. The Sytrus presets go in your Sytrus presets folder, wherever you have placed it (usually you'll find it in your image-Line Folder in documents).

You don't have to install both sets of presets, every preset is standalone and is not dependent on any of the other files.

No instructions as such, but I've written a basic explanation of what all the controls do further down the page after the download and audio examples. Most stuff should be fairly obvious to anyone who can understand a basic subtractive synth. Although some of the workarounds I was forced into might confuse you at first if you don't suss them out straight away... The way the Sine Pitch offset works is a bit funky for starters! ;-)

I'm sure you'll all work it out...

Happy whatever and have Fun everyone! :-)

chuck death

Sytrum Percussion
(825.31 KiB) Downloaded 337 times
Audio Examples (using patches included in download only, no additional FX):
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--:-- / --:--
--:-- / --:--
--:-- / --:--
--:-- / --:--
--:-- / --:--
--:-- / --:--

The red panels contain the controls for the Main Oscillators, the yellow panels contain the controls for the Noise Oscillator. The big slider at the top controls the overall mix between the Main Oscillators and the Noise Oscillator.

Modulators are located directly beneath the section they modulate and are colour coded:

Red ring = osc/osc filter modulation
Yellow ring = noise/noise filter modulation
White ring = Overall envelope offsets and LFO master level (controls envelopes and filters in both sections)

All envelopes are simple 2 stage Attack and Decay (AD) envelopes except for the Noise level oscillator which also has a Multi attack mode.

All the LFOs have a speed control as well as the standard Sytrus shape controls (check the Sytrus manual LFO section if you don't already know what the Tens, Skew and PW parameters do). LFOs can be inverted using the Master LFO Level control.

Above the main oscillator at the top right are the oscillator unison controls.

Around the lower edge and right hand side are Sytrus' effects; a chorus, a "free" delay, 2 synced delays and an EQ (Sytrus does not expose any of the reverb controls so I could not add controls for it unfortunately).

The Main Oscillator

The first red panel is the main oscillator block with three waves available; Triangle, Saw and Square. All 3 waves can used at the same and time they can be added positively or negatively (dials silent at centre).

Also in the first block is the AD envelope for Oscillator's level.

Between the first 2 blocks is a semitone dial that can be used change the pitch of all the oscillators by semitones. This dial can be locked to octaves if you light the led under the dial.

Under the first block is the pitch modulation for this oscillator. There's an envelope and LFO available and the overall amount is controlled by the Pitch Mod knob between the two panels.

The Sine/FM Oscillator

The second red panel contains controls for the Sine/FM Oscillator. This oscillator can be used to FM the Main Oscillator without being sent to the main output or it can be sent either directly to the main output or via the filter/waveshaper first.

The FM Main dial controls the level of FM to the main oscillator. The - Sine + dial controls the level of the Sine Oscillator and can be positive or negative (dials silent at centre). The Direct dial controls how much of the Sine Oscillator is sent to the main output, the led next to it diverts the sine through the filter/waveshaper first if lit.

The level envelope section is the same the Main Oscillator.

The modulation controls are the same as the first oscillator except for the Offset control next to the Semi dial. The Offset dial can be used to offset the pitch of the sine from the main oscillator. However, you need to consider the Offset as a modulator because it's overall level is governed by the Pitch Mod amount. If the Pitch Mod amount is zero the Offset dial will have no effect. This is a forced limitation I've had to use because I can't directly access individual oscillator pitches with automation and this is a workaround using Sytrus' XY Pad... ;-)

The Main Oscillator Filter

The final red panel is a standard SVF filter with High, Band and Low pass feeding into a waveshaper. The black dials at the top control the waveshaper mix and waveshaper pre amp.

The Modulators under the filter control the cutoff frequency of the filter.

The Noise Oscillator

The first yellow panel is the level envelope for the Noise Oscillator. This envelope functions the same as all the other envelopes unless the Multi Attack led is lit. When this led is lit the envelope changes from the standard attack shape to multiple attacks followed by the decay. In this mode the A dial controls how long the attacks take to complete.

In the modulation section underneath the Noise Oscillator there's an LFO that can be used to modulate the Noise Oscillator level.

The Noise Oscillator Filter

The final yellow panel is the filter/waveshaper section for the noise oscillator and the controls and modulation are identical to the Main Oscillator Filter section.

The Modulation Master/Offset section

The controls to the right of the red and yellow panels control the overall levels for each type of modulation, allowing you to change multiple Attack and Decay times or LFO levels at the same time:

The Level Envelope Offset controls affect all the level envelopes.
The Filter Envelope Offset controls affect all the filter envelopes.
The LFO Master controls the level of all the LFOs, both filter and level, and can be used to invert them (mod amount is zero at centre of dial, negative below centre, positive above).

chuck death
Fri Dec 28, 2018 10:19 pm


Re: Sytrum Percussion - Sytrus Remixed (50 Patches each for Patcher & Sytrus)

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