Over DB Alarm - alerts when volume peaks over a set level

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Mon Oct 07, 2019 9:42 am


Over DB Alarm - alerts when volume peaks over a set level

Hope this can help some in mixing.. :D
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how to use it

place it on the 'current' mixer track - next to the master
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turn the alarm on - and it will alert you on any mixer track your working on when the volume peaks above the alarm trigger level.
it is preset to alert when volume goes above -6db but can be set to your liking.

how to set it
Alarm trigger level attenuation. - how to

stop playing your song or pattern so FL Studio is quiet

turn ON the alarm

turn the alarm trigger level all the way up to the right..

turn on the attenuator and watch the 'Over DB Alarm Meter' the Attenuator pulse is set to a default to -6db

use the attenuator volume to set it's volume to the DB level you want to trigger the alarm if it goes above it.

while the attenuator is running (insure the alarm is turned on) then turn down the alarm trigger level until it triggers the alarm - then just slightly turn it up until the alarm stops.. this sets your alarm to trigger at over the db level of the attenuation signal.

Nor turn OFF the attenuator..

now the alarm is ready to use while mixing.. and gain staging your plugins and effects..

note: it can be used on any track or in multiples
it can also be used between effects for easy unity gain staging

for those who find an audible alert easier to use than watching peak meters all the time - I Hope it can help some :D

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