Light Shard Stereo Expander

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Tue Oct 15, 2019 2:31 pm


Light Shard Stereo Expander


I wanted to kick things off with a bang!
This preset is a clone of the free Ozone Imager vst using stock FL Studio plugins.

It creates stereo information by creating a short delay on the side while still boosting the sides in general.
Note: "Width" must be increased in order to create stereo, otherwise the plugin is just bypassed in it's default state.

The stereo it creates does not phase in any possible way since all of the side signal will cancel with itself when mono'd.

• It makes things wider without phasing (it's very clean!)
• It's an Ozone Imager Clone
• Increase "Width" to "Create Stereo"
• Use HP Knob to highpass the stereo signal and keep sub mono'd (TIP: Middle click knob to instantly pop to 140Hz)

Enjoy! And please let me know if you have any feedback or feature requests.

Best Regards,
Light Shard
LS Stereo Imager.fst
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