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Anorak Morph filter

Posted: Sat Jan 11, 2020 1:00 pm
by john_anorak
Made this morphing filter that allows for smooth transitions between filter types- it also has lots of distortion and Reverb


This filter is specifically designed for processing bass (try it on anything tho)

The signal flow also allows for independent control of sub and mid-high balance


MORPH- Smoothly transitions between the 4 filter states (LP/BP/BS/HP)

MORPH CUTOFF- Controls cutoff frequency of morph filter

BP CUTOFF- controls the cutoff frequency of bandpass filter

BP BANDWIDTH- Width of bandpass shape

BP VOL- amount of bandpass filter in signal chain

OVERDRIVE- Amount of overdrive distortion

X100 PUSH!- X 100 on the overdrive distortion.

SEX DRIVE- increase libidinal desire

XXX BASS- Amount of sub-signal (100hz and below)

MID/ HIGH- Amount of mid/ high signal (100hz and above)

VERB MIX- Amount of reverb

ROOM SIZE- Size of reverb space

EQ BANDS 1-4- Boost of EQ curve

EQ FREQUENCY 1-4- Frequency of curve

LIMITER- (switch on/off limiter)

MIX- blends wet and dry signal