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MidiVore Review and Suggested Future Preset for Patcher

Posted: Fri Jan 14, 2022 10:03 pm
by powd3r snow
I noticed recently that patcher has a pre built in patch called MidiVore.

Review, I like the Controls for choosing Key/Scale/(note or chord)/Transpose,
BUT don't really need the piano, rhodes, guitar, strings stuff, would rather input my own sounds at the end of this chain.
REQUEST : can you make a version of this where we can put our own VST's in for sound that comes out of the end of the chain. Would be nice to be able to drag and drop your own sound design beside the nice [Key/Scale/(note or chord)/Transpose] selector.
==>This would be nice for a live performance mode selector

would work well to have patcher chain with something like below

fl in => midiVore => VST Sound => fl out
fl in => midiVore => cthulhu => VST sound => fl out
fl in => cthulhu => midiVore => VST sound =>fl out

to be able to swap our own VST's into the midiVore [Key/Scale/(note or chord)/Transpose] selector would be awesome,
and to be able to add cthulhu to this midi vore function would be awesome as well

Another selector that would be nice to have added for a live performance mode, would be BPM toggle.

Re: MidiVore Review and Suggested Future Preset for Patcher

Posted: Sat Jan 15, 2022 5:48 am
by Omnifold
Go into the patcher and replace the 4 instrumen...