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Android Trouble Shooting Guide


These steps are to help you install the app where it fails at some point OR frequent unexplained crashes.

1. Make sure you use the most recent version.

2. If you use a firewall program please make sure to allow internet access from ‘FL Studio Mobile’.

3. Uninstall the app, then install it again from the Play Store - you won't have to pay for it again.

4. Clear all app data in Settings > Apps > FL Studio Mobile > Storage > Clear data. Don't worry, this won't delete your Projects, only internal caches and the settings in Setup tab.

5. Use an Android file browser to go to ../Storage/FLM User Files and delete recent.state

6. Terminate all running apps from the task manager.

7. Restart Google Play Services and Google Play Store. From Settings > Apps > Google Play Store/Google Play-Services press 'Force stop', then launch Google Play Store as usual.

8. Restart FL Studio Mobile (use the same procedure as above but for Settings > Apps > FL Studio Mobile).

9. If this doesn't work try to reset your Internet connection and/or reboot the device and repeat step 4 before starting FL Studio Mobile.


Make sure you are logged in on your device using the correct email address. It may be worth it to do this anyway, incase Google has become confused about your account...

1. Go to Settings > Accounts > Google

2. Tap to select your account

3. From the top right (three vertical dots) menu select Remove account.

4. Now go back to Settings > Accounts > Google and tap 'Add account' from the bottom of the list. Add your google account back with the address NOT any other email.


5. Make sure In App Purchases are ENABLED for FL Studio Mobile.


1. Clear all app data in Settings > Apps > FL Studio Mobile > Clear data. Don't worry, this won't delete your Projects, only internal caches and the settings in Setup tab.

2. Use an Android file browser to go to ../Storage/FLM User Files and delete recent.state


1. Install the Total Commander file-browsing App.

2. When you 'Add files' on the forum, choose Total Commander.

3. Browse up to the top level folders and into FLM User Files

4. Down into My Songs and choose an .flm file


Install USB Device Info and post the results.


There is a hidden feature you can try, it may or may not work on your phone...

1. Install the Total Commander file-browsing App.

2. Create the folder on your SD card: SD/Data/com.imageline.FLM/files/FLM User Files (SD - the exact path to your SD card will depend on your device)

3. Copy everything from your main install under ../storage/emulated/0/FLM User Files to the new folder you created above

4. Restart FL Mobile.

5. To test if it has worked save a new project and see if it turns up on your SD card location under SD/Data/com.imageline.FLM/files/FLM User Files/My Songs.

6. If it works, you can delete ../storage/emulated/0/FLM User Files (the default installation user files folder)

Of course, back up everything before deleting the install location files.

NOTE: This is an undocumented feature because it does not work on all devices.


There are two options relating to audio performance, Multi core processing and Sound mode. Try ON/FAST, OFF/FAST.

Apart from making sure you don't have any power saving CPU features enabled on your phone and other background applications using CPU you may still get high latencies between playing keys/pads and sound on some Android devices. The reasons for this are explained in the information below.

Two things you can do to work around latency are:

A. Record at a lower BPM - than the final tack, use the 60-80 BPM range. Here latency won't be as problematic relative to the Playlist grid timing.
B. Sequence rather than playing - Use the Step-sequencer and Piano roll editor to enter your data.

10. Why is there such a big audio lag/latency on Android

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