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Tue Jul 11, 2017 9:47 pm

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My MIDI-Controllers do not work with Fl Studio Mobile

Dear Customer Service,
today I bought Fl Studio Mobile for Windows. I already use this program on my iPad and love it. So I bought in on the Microsoft App-Store for my Lenovo Helix 2 Laptop (WIn10 64bit) too.

Unfortunately my MIDI-Controllers (Akai LK-25, Lorg, Microkey Air 61, Roland FA 08, connected via USB- all working fine for Cubase Le9 on the same Laptop) can not be used to Play a Fl-Studio Instrument. I can select them in the Menu, but there is no Sound, when I hit any key. Of Course I can listen to the Demos and hiting a key of the onboard-keyboard provides Sound.

Please help me out. Tell me, what to do. Of Cours I installed the Hardware Drivers properly and made all of my windows-updates.

Thank you, Reinhard Biederwolf

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