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Mon Oct 01, 2018 11:22 am

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Hello again. I'm very frustrated as I discovered crosstalk on the irigPRE from IKmultimedia, which uses the audio jack to input a microphone.

Their claim is that the crosstalk is unavoidable due to the connector. I can't find any alternative microphone facilitator nonetheless to test this claim.

I was wondering if FL Studio mobile has support for USB AUDIO. I see online that their is a special cable for input of USB AUDIO.

I don't want to invest in a USB microphone if FL STUDIO doesn't support it.

I am using an LG STYLO 4 with USB C connector.

This competitor seems to have accomplished USB AUDIO. Since I don't want crosstalk, I might have to switch. I really don't want to, I want to keep FL in my workflow and eventually invest in the full desktop client.

Right now Android OREO 8.0 is my only option.

If it does, can you help me find the correct cable?

EDIT: What about an xlr to bluetooth device? Will FL accept bluetooth microphones? Are their quality issues with bluetooth? I think bluetooth may be too slow to support recording into FL.

EDIT 2: Can I output audio to bluetooth and have a mic connected to the audio jack? This would solve my crosstalk issue.

I really need a solution.

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