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User 5000
Sat Nov 24, 2018 5:59 am

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Can't delete generated user files

I used the Android version of FL Studio Mobile, but a file that can not be deleted is created in the user folder "FLM User Files".
WAV of saved songs, recorded WAV, etc.

Even if I delete it with the browser in FL Studio Mobile, I restored it when restarting the application.
When trying to delete with the filer of Android it becomes "This file can not be deleted".
I attempted to connect to the PC and delete it, but the file display on the PC disappears but it remains on the Android side.
I had to initialize Android Tablet in order to delete these files.

My Android version is 4.2.2,
The path (built-in storage) created for "FLM User Files" is as follows.
/ storage / emulated / 0
/ storage / emulated / legacy
/ storage / sdcard 0
/ sdcard
/ mnt / sdcard

What are the possible causes?

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