Directwave multi velocity layer support..

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Sun Jun 23, 2019 8:43 am

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Directwave multi velocity layer support..

Hello :D

I'm enjoying to use FLM. It's powerful and it allows to make ideal music in my phone.

There are some limits that come from charicteristics by mobile environment, but it's cool...

Some features are missing and that's little unsatisfing.

As I titled, multi velocity layering is not supported even I set in Directwave PC.
Or... Variation with key velocity...

Now it is impossible to set the matrix, LFO or envelope, and it does not load the values ​​set by the PC, so there is a limit to expressing the reality of instruments such as grand pianos.

Maybe it sounds like non-sense, it's very difficult to make acoustic music with virtual instruments or sampler(it's more used in FLM..)

Someday it will supported in future, but at now... :(

I hope DirectWave is a little more advanced.

While FLM is good enough for music processing with synthesizers, there seems to be a lack of sampling.

I would like to thank the developers who continue to develop.

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