FL Studio Mobile 3.5.15 freezes when copy and pasting heavy automation in complicated projects; black screen afterwards

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Foxman McCoy
Fri May 21, 2021 1:23 am


FL Studio Mobile 3.5.15 freezes when copy and pasting heavy automation in complicated projects; black screen afterwards

I was working on a dubstep project (which has 16 tracks; 7 of them have very heavy automation, and one of them is sidechained to the beat), and sometimes, when I copy and paste these heavy automation tracks, the app freezes.

When I restart, the app just boots up to a black screen, but strangely, it still responds to input, but it is still unusable.

This happened twice to me already. The first time it happened was when I was at Version 3.5.11. I copied and pasted the project file in a backup folder that I had created, then deleted the original file. When I boot it up for the first time, the app crashes, but when I boot it up again, it starts at Goldhands’ Elisa (feat. Tevlo). After that, I move the backup file back into the "My Songs" folder and I’m good to go until it freezes again.

The second time it happened, there was no update available (since I updated it recently). I tried the same trick above, but I accidentally moved the original file into the backup folder. I moved it back, made a copy, and deleted the original. It initially did not work, but after a few tries, it booted up normally, only for it to crash, go back to Goldhands’ Elisa, and everything was normal.

The first time I done it I was copying and pasting 16 bars of a pattern and very heavy automation. I was more careful after that, only copying and pasting 8 bars at a time and hiding unneeded tracks, and it worked. But the second time it happened, I wanted to do a tweak that made it sound better. It froze after only copying and pasting 2 bars of automation.

Is my device overloading? I have an iPad Pro 2017 10.5 inch running on iPadOS 14.2 256GB with 3.75GB of free space. I included the project file as well (it’s only for the purpose of testing and examining it, please don’t finish and upload it!), try to copy and paste huge sections and see if it crashes for you! If you see a black screen when booting, delete the original project file, and it should work!

Any explanation is greatly appreciated. It would also be appreciated if you reported this to the team!
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