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Note: Android & Windows releases take 1-2 hours. iOS & Windows releases 1-3 business days before they become available.

Android & Chrome OS (Google Play, Huawei Store) - (Google Play) (Huawei Store)
iOS & macOS - (Apple Store).
Windows App UWP - (Windows Store).
FL Studio Plugin (macOS & Win) - (Mobile Forum)

FL STUDIO MOBILE 4.5.9 (Apr 26 2024)

What's new:
  • Fixed a bug preventing some DW Sampler presets from looping correctly

FL STUDIO MOBILE 4.5.7 (Mar 6 2024)

What's new:
  • Fixed Waveshaper output getting extremely loud with Stereo Spread at 100% and Autogain ON

FL STUDIO MOBILE 4.5.5 (Feb 29 2024)

What's new:
  • Fixed a random crash when displaying the Loading Screen
  • Fixed a crash when song beat is set to a negative value
  • Fixed a crash when showing waveform preview for samples that failed to load
  • Fixed a crash when dismissing text input popup on Android
  • Fixed a crash in MIDI device discovery with legacy MIDI driver on Android 12+
  • FX Comb no longer cuts audio delay trails
  • Fixed FX Comb not properly state on rewind
  • Fixed FX Trance Delay mode menu no longer changes position during interaction

FL STUDIO MOBILE 4.5.4 (Feb 20 2024)

What's new:
  • Fixed a crash when editing cropped clips in the audio editor
  • Fixed a bug when recording automation for Tape Stop time parameters
  • Set the default value of Spreader Width parameter to 0

FL STUDIO MOBILE 4.5.3 (Feb 13 2024)

What's new:
  • Tape Stop now more accurately emulates motor behavior
  • Fixed a bug where Tape Stop is not fully reset when rewinding the project
  • All synthesizers now record automation as jumps instead of ramps for quantized parameters
  • Fixed a visual bug where mixer controls are overlapping with project name

FL STUDIO MOBILE 4.5.2 (Feb 12 2024)

What's new:
  • Features:
    • New FX Module 'Tape Stop' (start and stop effect)
    • New FX Module 'Wow & Flutter' (lo-fi effect)
    • New FX Module 'Spreader' (stereo effect)
  • Bug fixes:
    • Fixed a longstanding graphics glitch on Chromebooks
    • Fixed a bug where scale keyboard was hidden on synth automation tracks
    • Fixed a crash when previewing synth presets in SHOP
    • Fixed snap to scale applying only after a delay
    • Fixed OneDrive sign-in not working on iOS
  • Improvements:
    • Automation of quantized (switched) parameters is now recorded as jumps instead of ramps
    • Slide mode is remembered after pressing 'Toggle Slide' in the piano roll
    • Settings regrouped in a more logical way

FL STUDIO MOBILE 4.4.5 (Dec 14 2023)

What's new:
  • Fixed the app crashing on Android 7
  • Fixed Waveshaper forcing the confirmation dialog when switching projects

FL STUDIO MOBILE 4.4.4 (Dec 11 2023)

What's new:
  • Added Waveshaper factory presets
  • Fixed loading presets on minimized modules
  • Fixed knobs missing after loading a project with minimized modules
  • Fixed a UI bug in Compressor

FL STUDIO MOBILE 4.4.3 (Nov 22 2023)

What's new:
  • Fixed issues with cloud backup

FL STUDIO MOBILE 4.4.2 (Nov 17 2023)

What's new:
  • Improve waveshaper auto-gain
  • Fix waveshaper output overly loud

FL STUDIO MOBILE 4.4.1 (Nov 13 2023)

What's new:
  • Improve the Analog shape in Waveshaper
  • Fix Waveshaper Stereo Spread breaking Autogain
  • Fix a bug where rendered WAV files are larger than necessary
  • Fix processing trackpad gestures on ChromeOS
  • Fix metronome skipping beats at certain tempos
  • Fix the CPU bar not showing at small resolution

FL STUDIO MOBILE 4.4.0 (Nov 7 2023)

What's new:
  • Features:
    • Waveshaper (effect) - A wave distortion effect with realtime control.
    • Playlist - Copy and Move to Playhead. Available from the timeline selection dropdown.
  • Improvements:
    • The SHOP tab loads much faster.
    • AAC (M4A) support on iOS. Import recordings from the standard Voice Memos app.
  • Bugfixes:
    • Disable storage migration on Android 13+
    • Request Mic permissions for latency calibration on Android
    • Add 'Cancel' in latency calibration dialog
    • Fix a crash when aborting before SHOP is loaded
    • Fix a crash when SHOP demo audio fails to load
    • Fixed some quirks in the slide notes implementation (in particular when sliding multiple notes at once). Slide notes should now work like in FL Studio.
    • Fixed a crash in DW Sampler when samples are missing
    • Fix slide notes in SuperSaw mono mode
    • Fix issues with loading Synth Bass presets

FL STUDIO MOBILE 4.3.19 (Sep 13 2023)

What's new:
  • Fixed loop points in Synth Bass EXP presets for DW Sampler

FL STUDIO MOBILE 4.3.18 (Aug 30 2023)

What's new:
  • Fixed a bug when some DirectWave presets load without loop markers
  • Fixed a bug preventing successful zip export and cloud sync on Android

FL STUDIO MOBILE 4.3.16 (Aug 23 2023)

What's new:
  • DWP files can now be loaded as drum sets
  • Playhead position is synchronized between the piano roll and the playlist
  • Send level resets to 0 dB on double tap
  • Browser sort order is now persistent
  • Improved detection of loop markers in samples
  • Numerous small bug fixes and UI improvements

FL STUDIO MOBILE 4.3.13 (July 11 2023)

FLM 4.3.13.jpg

What's new:
  • Shop - Product contents Browser menu.
  • Browsers - Show notification indications (dots) for new installed content
  • Shop - Add options to reinstall/uninstall products
  • Sort files by modification date in Browser
  • Added an option to SAVE audio locally after rendering for sharing
  • Automated default song names to prevent users from overwriting existing 'New Song.flm'
  • Show the current / last used sample in preset picker when loading a new sample from the Playlist or creating a new Drum Sequencer lane.
  • Added value labels for sliders in Multiband Compressor
  • Add a 'Clear' button in text input on iOS
  • Redesign Add Module and Add Send buttons to be more obvious.
Bug fixes:
  • GMS sounds different when rendering to file
  • Automation clips combine correctly
  • Note clips combine correctly
  • Fixed notes assigning to wrong samples when swapping drum kits with 'Load template'
  • Fix autosave not matching the song path after a crash, accidentally overwriting songs
  • Show an error message when a song fails to load
  • Fixed the SEND option in Render Complete dialog (used to work on Windows only)
  • Don't restore Demo Songs on every startup
  • Timeline markers show wrong bar numbers
  • Fix interpolation of reversed samples

FL STUDIO MOBILE 4.3.6 (May 24 2023)

What's new:
  • Fix a bug that made it hard to select playlist clips or pianoroll notes

FL STUDIO MOBILE 4.3.5 (May 18 2023)

What's new:
  • Shop: New free content. Jayce Lewis Drums and Synthwave Selection.

  • Fix notes with 0 length getting stuck in the piano roll. Now all notes can be selected and deleted as expected.
  • Make sure automation tracks are not hidden by default
  • Enable Split Screen on iPad
  • Correctly mark products as "Not Installed" if all content is missing
  • Fix a bug in GMS where the sound of rendered projects differed from the live playback

FL STUDIO MOBILE 4.3.2 (April 18 2023)

What's new:
  • Bugfixes and stability improvements

FL STUDIO MOBILE 4.2.12 (March 30 2023)
  • Multiband compressor now has per-band stereo separation

  • Allow more content types in Shop Packs, Synth and FX presets, MIDI, songs, drum kits and more
  • Sends level sliders are now scaled for more natural response
  • Support for OGG Vorbis files (both export and import)
  • Drum kits swapping on the fly (long tap on sample name, press Load Template)
  • Improved zip file import
  • The tempo rotary dial now changes in 0.1 BPM increments
  • Replace the kick sample in the factory 909 template
  • Fixed Mod and Pitch wheels automation not working
  • Fixed plugin file access issues in FL 21
  • Fixed Set range triggered by midi
  • Fixed MIDI clip contrast issues
  • Fixed Compressor level meters giving wrong readings
  • Fixed Clip menu options in the playlist not appearing / not being sized correctly
  • Fixed Routing from FLM plugin to FL Studio
  • Fixed Direct Sharing issues in the plugin version
  • Fixed a crash if online link on Project tab is not a valid URL
  • Fixed a bug where Analyzer would display noise when there is no input
  • Fixed the "Clear" option in drum sequencer not working
  • Fixed Drum Clip visualization in the playlist
  • Fixed Mac Catalyst crashing on startup if Direct Share is enabled

FL STUDIO MOBILE 4.2.5 (Jan 11 2023)
  • Fix Mod and Pitch Wheels automation not working
  • Fix plugin file access issues in FL 21
  • Fix plugin to host routing

FL STUDIO MOBILE 4.2.4 (22 Dec 2022)

Note: Android & Windows releases take 1-2 hours. iOS & Windows releases 1-3 business days before they become available.
  • New routing system: send levels, multiple sends, sends can have their own sends

  • New module: Comb Filter

  • Slice Clips in Playlist
  • Input Pan in Trance Delay
  • Numerous UI improvements and bug fixes

FL STUDIO MOBILE 4.1.4 (23 September 2022)

  • Fix DirectWave not restoring Pitch Bend range
  • Fix Pitcher not restoring scale settings
  • Fix Keyboard and Transport Bar registering spurious clicks
  • Fix CPU meter in project tab going over 100%
  • Fix Reverb 2 flagging projects as "modified" immediately on load

FL STUDIO MOBILE 4.1 (12 September 2022)
  • Piano roll
    • Slide notes - Select note and 'Toggle slides' mode to slide notes and chords.
    • Note selection > More (menu) - New transpose functions inc. Slides. Humanize, Set note lengths, Type-in value and semitone +/- controls. Copy selection +/- 1 Octave (double up/down).
    • Ghost notes - Improved visibility
    • Note panning
  • Instruments

    • 3x Osc - New, 1:1 port of the FL Studio desktop version complete with 100's of patches (also compatible with the desktop patches).

    • DirectWave (sampler) - Updates. Pitch bend range, Round-robin for packs that support it.
    • Drum Sampler - Channels can be renamed
  • Effects
    • Autoduck - Updated with more flexible curve control and offbeat ducking.

    • Mix options - New 'Wet pan' control for MID/SIDE and other processing functionality.
    • Spacer - Added MID/SIDE encode and decode to spacer.
    • Parametric EQ - Nodes can now be tapped/clicked-and dragged
  • MIDI Import - Split channel MIDI import via pop-up options dialog.
  • User Interface
    • Project Tab - New location to add project meta-data and analyze project performance

    • Shop - Category filters / tags to improve content search.

    • Virtual Keyboard - Key-range labeling (set from Instrument Module menus).
    • Tempo Control - Updated tempo dial with +1, and +10 increments
    • Link MOD Wheel - There is a new option to link any control to the touch 'MOD controller'.
    • Anti-aliasing - GPU accelerated anti-aliasing on all platforms. Smoother curves and diagonal lines.
    • Master Playlist Track - '+Clip' to add Automation
    • Settings - Colorblind themes. New support logging options.
FL STUDIO MOBILE 4.0.16 (2 June 2022)
  • Bugfixes and stability improvements
FL STUDIO MOBILE 4.0.12 (20 May 2022)
  • Fixed a bug in the drum sequencer when the "replace sample" button will load samples on the wrong channel
  • Fixed a bug when the preset selector registers wrong touch coordinates
  • Mixer automation is now animated correctly
  • Snap to Scale is now undoable
  • Playlist will now display correct channel names when importing .mid files from the songs tab
  • Fixed a bug where drums channels are muted after exporting projects as MIDI
  • Fix broken sample references in demo songs (Elisa and Elvira)
FL STUDIO MOBILE 4.0.8 (2 May 2022)
  • Fixed a crash on application startup on some Android devices
  • Optimized storage space usage on Android
  • Snap to Scale is now undoable
  • Playlist will now display correct channel names when importing .mid files from the songs tab
  • Fixed a bug where drums channels are muted after exporting projects as MIDI

FL STUDIO MOBILE 4.0.7 (27 April 2022)
  • Defined key signatures in Demo songs
  • Fixed a crash when rendering projects that contain Autopitch
  • Fixed a crash when loading midi files from the "Songs" tab
  • Fix a bug where IAA FX fail to load on iOS
  • Fix initial MIDI scan on iOS not detecting devices
  • Add "Reset Settings" button in the Settings tab
  • Add "Snap to scale" option when making a box box selection in the piano roll
  • Renamed 'Quantize' to 'Snap to grid'
  • Improved Scale-dependent snapping. Where to place inbetween-notes? Up for Major, Down for Minor.
FL STUDIO MOBILE 4.0.6 (21 April 2022)
  • Fixed a memory leak in DirectWave.
  • Fixed a bug when the FX bypass switch does not visually follow Automation.
  • Fixed a bug in scale guessing.
  • Slicer now correctly plays stereo samples.
  • Improved UI of keyboard range labels.

FL STUDIO MOBILE 4.0.4/5 (13 April 2022)
  • Bugfixes and stability improvements
FL STUDIO MOBILE 4.0.3 (5 April 2022)
  • Fix automation glitches
  • Fix file browser bugs
  • Fix DirectWave .dwp loading bugs
  • Fix guess scale dialog bugs
  • Fix Tape Dealy initialization
  • Reduce installation store prompts
  • Improved anti-aliasing on Android
  • Fix sample preview stopping project playback
  • Reduce memory usage of shop demos
  • UI stability improvements
FL STUDIO MOBILE 4.0.1 (30 March 2022)

What's New
  • Old log files are not deleted
  • Set Range is missing from module settings
  • Continuous scrolling during playback has weird behavior when horizontally scrolling
  • Getting Started video crashes on some Android devices
  • Slicer preview sample rate mismatch
  • Made the "You have X uninstalled projects" popup less annoying
  • Crash when using guess scale
  • Multiband Compressor: Bypassed bands are excluded from Master Solo
  • Icons antialiased on Android

FL STUDIO MOBILE 4.0.0 (28 March 2022)

What's New?

  • New modules:
    • Slicer
    • Multiband compressor
  • Workflow features:
    • Scale-locked keyboard
    • Scale guess in the piano roll
    • Gain and Mix controls for every module
    • Timeline selection rendering
    • Recovery for recently deleted files
    • Audiobus 3 compatibility on iOS
    • Sample-accurate latency compensation (iOS and MacOS only)
  • UI updates:
    • Themes
    • New shop
    • Sample preview in the browser
    • Improved mouse support: hover animations, right-click actions, scroll in the playlist
    • Computer keyboard navigation: escape to dismiss popups, enter to accept prompts, tab and shift-tab to iterate through controls
    • Continuous scrolling during playback
    • CPU meter (aka Buffer Health meter)
  • Content:
    • 2 new free products (Essential Pianos, Drumful Treasure)
    • New paid products (Oldschool Breakbeats)
    • New factory presets (Limiter)
    • New demo project Parrik
  • Numerous bugfixes and performance optimizations.
FL Studio Mobile 3.6.17 (3 Nov 2021)

What's New?
  • Fixed a crash when loading songs with Reverb 2
  • Fixed not being able to import files on Android
FL Studio Mobile 3.6.16 (27 October 2021)

What's New
  • Reverb 2
  • Misc bugfixes and stability improvements
FL Studio Mobile 3.6.6 (25 August 2021)

What's New?
FL Studio Mobile 3.6.4/5 (17 August 2021)

What's New
  • Enabled loading MIDI files from the SONGS tab.
  • Misc bugfixes and stability improvements
FL Studio Mobile 3.6.3 (9 August 2021)

What's New
  • Fixed file import/export on Android
  • Fixed MIDI devices not working on Windows
  • Fixed a crash when rendering very long projects
FL Studio Mobile 3.6.1 (21 July 2021)

What's New
  • Bugfix update - Songs loading with incorrect instruments/and effects
FL Studio Mobile 3.6.0 (20 July 2021)

What's New
  • Spacer (new module) - Use Spacer to enhance the stereo image of input sounds.
  • Improved audio hardware integration - Multi-input Channel selection. Output device selection (Windows only). Multi-track recording support.
  • Compressor - Added visualizations.
  • File browser improvements - Last scroll position is remembered, long press actions, 'Copy' option for files and folders, 'Create channels' option for importing multiple samples at once.
  • Protected storage migration Google mandated for Android 11 - Android 11 introduces 'Scoped Storage'. This means deleting the App will now delete your project data! Make sure to backup your data from the FILES tab.
  • Bugfixes

FL Studio Mobile 3.5.14 (13 May 2021)

What's New
  • Reverb - Updated with Wet/Dry balance and other controls.
  • Add Channel - Improved UI with Instrument categories.
  • Graphic EQ - Key signature tuned Graphic Equalizer upgrade.
  • ZIP export/import - Import/Export ZIP format projects. Import bulk samples with ZIP.
  • Bluetooth MIDI - Improved scan system and bugfixes.
  • AudioBus - Bugfixes.
  • Firebase - Quality assurance data (see SETTINGS).
FL Studio Mobile 3.5.3 (1-8 March 2021)

What's New
  • Bugfixes - Fonts not showing on some Android devices. DirectWave going silent.
FL Studio Mobile 3.5.1 (16 February 2021)

What's New
  • Bugfixes - Numerous small bugs.
FL Studio Mobile 3.5.0 (8 February 2021)

What's New
  • Gate - Gate plugin is an automated on/off-style volume envelope with control over opening and closing dynamics.
  • DirectWave - Enhanced with updated pitch and volume envelopes plus a new filter envelope.
  • Limiter - Improved visual display and added input level control.
  • Bugfixes - Numerous small bugs were fixed.
FL Studio 3.4.8 (17 November 2020)

What's New
  • SETTINGS > Show ghost notes
  • Improved Auto-pitch algorithm
FL Studio 3.4.5 (19 October 2020)

What's New?
  • Bugfix - Rendering projects in sub-folders not working.
FL Studio 3.4.4 (15 October 2020)

What's New?
  • Analyzer - Oscilloscope, spectrum analyzer, vectorscope, LUFS meter and pitch tracker in one plugin
  • Updated songs browser - Songs can now be organized into folders. Existing users, please move Demo songs to the new DEMO folder.
  • Quick save - Swipe left the SAVE button for quick save
FL Studio 3.3.3 (12 June 2020)
  • Bugfixes and stability improvements
FL Studio 3.3.2 (10 June 2020)
  • Bugfixes and stability improvements
FL Studio 3.3.1 (8 June 2020)
  • Auto-Pitch - Real-time pitch correction and shifting plugin module
  • Tuner - Guitar and instrument tuning plugin module
  • Bugfixes and stability improvements
FL Studio 3.2.83 to 88 (12 April 2020)
  • Bugfix update - Google Cloud crashes, IAA crashes (iOS), Recording issues. Cloning Channel misplaces clips.
FL Studio 3.2.79
  • Fixes crashes when buying content
FL Studio 3.2.78
FL Studio 3.2.64
  • Fixes freeze when renaming projects
FL Studio 3.2.63
  • May fixes issue with In-App purchases not restoring on some devices
FL Studio 3.2.61
  • 'Split mixer tracks' project export (Save) feature added.
  • Exporting user data folders as a .zip archive now possible. Once in your FILE browser tap - My Files > My Tracks > Select > [choose the folder with the switches that appear on the right side] > Export > SEND > Save to this device OR Share (depends on OS) [Available export locations should now show] > [choose the location for the .zip].
  • Bugfixes.
FL Studio 3.2.56
  • Mono mic input was recorded as stereo sample (on one side)
  • 'Delete empty tracks' for recording channel turns into an Audio channel.
FL Studio 3.2.54
  • Drum Pads can now be mapped to different MIDI notes (See the manual > Touch controllers section)
  • (iOS) Fixed sample rate/pitch problems when connecting headphones on some systems
  • Transport panel supports MIDI input
  • Pitch-wheel, mute/solo automation recording fix
  • Delete empty tracks detecting wrong tracks fix
  • Plugin purchased content improved syncing with Desktop
  • Switching buttons while recording fixed wrong values showing.
  • Copy user data to Plugin version fix (get updated plugin from user forum)
  • A bug not enabling stereo audio recording fixed.

FL Studio 3.2.47/48

  • Chrome devices MIDI support (Android).
  • Improved Bluetooth MIDI device support
  • Smaller installer for faster downloads
  • FLAC support
  • Misc bug-fixes and stability improvements
FL Studio 3.2.41 (Android & iOS only)
  • Expansion content removed from installer to reduce installation size and download times.
FL Studio 3.2.38 (Android only)
  • Online content download progress now displayed correctly
NOTE: If you have issues with online content not working.
  1. Close the app by exiting. Then from the "FLM User Files" folder:
  2. Delete the files that look like ""G4bC1cF6bL4bG7bA2bK7bL5bD4b"
  3. Delete the "Online Content" folder
  4. Restart FL Studio mobile and the packs will download again. RESTORE purchases from the SHOP tab if needed.
FL Studio 3.2.34 (Android only)

NOTE: Release 3.2.30 moved FL Studio Mobile on Android to 64 Bit core processing, as required by Google at the end of next month. There seem to have been a number of issues that were not found in beta-testing, that affect some CPUs and 808 content playing correctly. We are working as fast as possible to restore normal operation.

FL Studio 3.2.33 (Android only)
  • Bugfixes
FL Studio 3.2.30 (Android only)
  • Reduced size of installer to speed installation
  • Fix for interface issues on Android 9 for some devices
  • 64 Bit support
  • Misc bugfixes.
FL Studio Mobile 3.2.23/24
  • iOS 'Files App' now supported.
  • Metronome sounds downbeat correctly with Time Signatures.
  • Tempo measure now applied to tempo when Tempo Sync is selected in various modules.
  • Misc bugfixes
FL Studio Mobile 3.2.20
  • Time signature updates (improved time ruler display)
FL Studio Mobile 3.2.19
  • Time signatures
  • Beats and beat divisions
  • Misc bug fixes and stability improvements
FL Studio Mobile 3.2.15 (iOS only)
  • Fixes UI issues for iPhone XR, XS and XS Max
FL Studio Mobile 3.2.14
  • Pitch & Time stretching with Tempo Sync for samples and loops
  • Sync all samples (track header menu)
  • Rendered songs/loops now contain embedded tempo data
  • Stretching function in envelope, notes/drums editors (on selection)
  • New demo tracks
FL Studio Mobile 3.2.05/06
  • UWP missing content Synth Plucks & WiseLabs kits
  • Fix for audio not loading from previous versions
  • Fix replace issue
  • Play button in shop (review content online)
  • Misc bug fixes and improvements
FL Studio Mobile 3.2.04
  • Fixed issue when in some cases a song loads with corrupted drum tracks.
  • Fix to rendering audio: in HQ mode channels were reversed.
  • Misc bug fixes and stability improvements
FL Studio Mobile 3.2.02
  • Audio Tracks: Level, Pan, Pitch, Reverse controls on lower Playlist. Use more than one sample per track.
  • Clips: Can now be combined and muted. New Preview option plays currently selected clip only.
  • Audio Editor: Edit functions on time selection (Fade in/Out Normalize etc)
  • Time selection menu (Insert/Delete time, Trim etc).
  • Free samples: Minimal kicks x 55.
  • Free presets: GMS presets x200, Supersaw presets x101
  • New library product: Pluck Synths
  • Export rendering updated and simplified.
  • Micro automatic snapping (goes snapping less than one step according to zoom).
  • Play position in editors now display only sounding notes.
  • Misc bug fixes and stability improvements
FL Studio Mobile 3.1.941
  • Misc bug fixes and stability improvement
FL Studio Mobile 3.1.940
  • iOS Fix crash at startup
  • Misc bug fixes and stability improvement
FL Studio Mobile 3.1.939
  • Autoduck clicking bug fix
  • Windows UWP (App) MIDI driver related, fail to start fix
  • Misc bug fixes and stability improvement
FL Studio Mobile 3.1.937
  • 100x SuperSaw presets
  • Misc bug fixes and stability improvements
FL Studio Mobile 3.1.934
  • iOS store crash fix
  • Load user .midi & .tmpl (drum templates) fix
  • .instr files are visible in the DirectWave list.
FL Studio Mobile 3.1.933
  • DirectWave has new features (Loop, Reverse, Legato, Mono and ADSR)
  • New user file management system. Create folders (fold), cut, paste etc. Options available after selecting files (Select).
  • Re-layout of selection/files operation controls (moved to top of browser).
  • Fixed the crash when a parameter being automated by external CC
  • Misc bug fixes and stability improvements
FL Studio Mobile 3.1.9
  • Clips can be moved and or copied between tracks
  • Automation tracks can be reassigned to defined destination & have quick-access parameter slider in the mixer.
  • Export dialog now has "save", and "send to another destination" controls, no need to pre-select destination.
  • FX Distortion has more distortion modes and stereo and bias controls.
  • FX Equalizer: Every band has a stereo control.
  • FX Filter: Updated UI
  • FX MultiFX: has new UI with quick access to an effect kind and XY area increased size.
  • Parameters slider in the mixer were visible when "hide tracks" enabled.
  • Samples: Can be reversed for audio tracks and drum samples.
  • Menus: Improved design.
  • Bugfixes and performance improvements.
FL Studio Mobile 3.1.893
  • Improved Automation Editor (Automation Clips are now added when an Automation Track is added, changes to drawing of Automation)
  • Audio Clip content - Risers (free)
  • DirectWave content - Tuned 808 Bass EXP
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements
FL Studio Mobile 3.1.88
  • SuperSaw Typos fixed.
  • Windows OS opens .flm files
  • iOS IAA/Audiobus updates
  • Bugfixes & stability improvements
  • Android - Typing keyboards can be used to play notes
FL Studio Mobile 3.1.86
  • SuperSaw Synth (free).
  • iPhone X display support, fixed recording glitches
  • Improved Automation Clip editor
  • 10 new 'Bass Drum ...' kick samples
  • Guitars Expansion Pack ($1.99)
  • Voices Expansion Pack ($1.99)
  • DirectWave notes correctly muted when project is looping
  • Bugfixes & stability improvements
FL Studio Mobile 3.1.84
  • Fixes SAVE > Send to ... Mail and other locations bugs
  • Fixes debug text appearing when L or R input is selected on the SETTINGS tab.
FL Studio Mobile 3.1.83
  • Keyboard MOD and PITCH controls can now be linked to an Automation Clip track.
  • Transistor Bass portamento bug fixed.
FL Studio Mobile 3.1.81 to 82
  • DirectWave - .dwp monolithic format stereo Sample bug
  • .dwp system-import - iOS .dwp placed into My Instruments
  • Reverb parameters bug - Dry, Bass Mult & Crossover now working as expected
  • Improved export, can now send projects to external locations after selecting them
  • (iOS) Audiobus improvements, more Apps now work correctly
FL Studio Mobile Windows 3.1.77
  • Startup tutorial video
  • All - Startup tutorial video
  • All - Font scaling fixes
  • Android - New audio mode ULTRA SAFE fixes audio issues on some devices
  • Android - 'Save > Destination > Send to ...' now working again
  • Windows - FL Mobile 3 is now a UWP compliant App
  • Windows - MIDI controllers should now work (Tap 'HELP > Users & support forums' to report issues)
  • Windows - Continuum Support
  • Windows - Share problems fixed
  • Improved RESTORE purchases reliability (Shop tab)
  • All - Bugfixes and stability improvements
FL Studio Mobile Windows 3.1.73
  • New SHOP tab "Restore" button to restore in-app purchases on new installations.
  • Bugfixes and stability improvements
  • Keyboard shortcuts (transport, mousewheel etc) (Android)
  • IAA Generators not listed if not supported (iOS)
  • Note off in some cases was not sent to FL when used as IAA instrument(iOS)
  • Audiobus now opens FL automatically (iOS)
  • Audiobus presets saving(iOS)
FL Studio Mobile Windows 3.1.71
  • IAA updates (iOS only). NOTE: This is still under development, thanks for your patience.
  • Fixes clicking on project loop
  • Fixes clicking rendering some samples
  • Bugfixes & stability improvements
FL Studio Mobile iOS/Android 3.1.64, FL Plugin 3.1.69
  • Fixes crashes with some DirectWave instruments
FL Studio Mobile 3.1.62
  • Fixes issues loading some custom user samples
  • Fixes issues with projects not producing sound
FL Studio Mobile Android 3.1.58, iOS 3.1.59, FL Plugin 3.1.59, Windows App 3.1.58
  • New IAA and Audiobus (IAA/Audiobus) module (iOS only)
  • DirectWave, .dwp (monolithic presets) are now supported.
  • The following file formats are associated with FLM (.flm, .flmpst, .flms, .tmpl, .wav, .mp3, .dwp, .instr,)
  • Playlist clips now don't move until selected (no unwanted clips moving).
  • DirectWave loads samples faster.
  • New demos
  • Developer logging mode in Settings
  • Bugfixes & stability improvements.
FL Studio Mobile Android 3.1.53, FL Plugin 3.1.54, Windows 3.1.56
  • Shop no longer requires registration to use
  • Fixed first drum channel (kick) not recording bug
  • Bugfixes and stability improvements
FL Studio Mobile Android 3.1.52, iOS 3.1.50, FL Plugin 3.1.50, Windows 3.1.51
  • NEW: Leveller - Precision level plugin
  • NEW: Stereorizer - Stereo effect plugin
  • Hide CC's when loading MIDI files
  • Improved drawing wave files
  • Improved loading of MIDI files
  • FL Plugin supports drag-n drop formats (.flm, .mid, .flmpst, .flms, .wav, .mp3)
  • iOS supports loading formats (.flm, .mid, .flmpst, .flms, .wav, .mp3) from email etc (long-tap on attachments, file)
  • L/R record input settings
  • MIDI CC7 goes to Level
  • MIDI CC8 & 10 control Panning
  • MIDI Channels DrectWave save bank name
  • MIDI files load with placeholder instruments
  • More UI scaling options
  • New-song templates
  • Samples when loading MIDI have correct pitch
  • Load multiple instances
FL Studio Mobile 3.1.37 to 3.1.48

There were no public releases with these version numbers.

FL Studio Mobile 3.1.36
  • Audio Recording latency compensation (better alignment of audio to Playlist)
  • Custom DirectWave presets now save correctly
  • DirectWave loop stoppings early fix
  • Hidden track markers
  • Keyboard Labels (SETTINGS tab)
  • MiniSynth free Synth Expansion preset pack (in Browser list)
  • Redo button
  • Sample loading crashes
  • Selected track markers
  • Sustain Pedal support (CC 64)
  • Bugfixes and stability improvements
FL Studio Mobile 3.1.23 to 3.1.35

There were no public releases with these version numbers.

FL Studio Mobile 3.1.32

  • New and updated presets for MiniSynth, GMS & Transistor Bass
  • New demo song (Goldhands - Elisa)
  • Stability improvements
Android 3.1.32d
  • Save to external locations
  • DirectWave samples not looping fixed
  • Audio Clips not cutting themselves when the project loops fixed
  • MP3 files sometimes not loading correctly fixed
  • 'Send to' save option
  • SHARE fail fixed
NOTE: There is an MP3 export bug on Windows Phone. Will be fixed ASAP.

FL Studio Mobile 3.1.22 to 3.1.30

There were no public releases with these version numbers.

FL Studio Mobile 3.1.19/21

  • MIDI drum channels saved, tracks with same channel number not combined
  • MIDI files distinguishable in SONGS list
  • Demo and User projects separated in SONGS list
  • MP3 length-bug fixed + conversion progress bar
  • Keyboard making spurious notes when moving the finger on a held note
  • Bugfixes and stability improvements
  • External save locations (iCloud, email etc). There may be some issues on iPads here still. 3.1.21 is in review and fixes these.
FL Studio Mobile 3.1.17

  • Double file names on save bug fixed
  • MIDI export bug on re-import and crashes fix
  • Minor UI bugfixes
  • Fixes MP3 export to MUSIC folder
FL Studio Mobile 3.1.16

  • New save hub (We are still working on the Export Hub. Internal save locations should work. External locations to FL Studio Mobile may not.)
  • Export projects to multi-channel MIDI file (first 16 Channels)
  • Crash when deleting tracks fix
  • Bugfixes and stability improvements
  • Windows Phone export/save to OneDrive, SD and Music Folder (use WAV, MP3 is not working correctly yet).
  • Windows App export/save to any folder on the PC
FL Studio Mobile 3.1.14 to 3.1.15

There were no public releases with these version numbers.

FL Studio Mobile 3.1.12 / 3.1.13

  • Sharing updated - you MUST UPDATE the FL Mobile source and target to 3.1.12, or higher, get the FL plugin update here - ... e_flplugin
  • Project looping - Clips now cut themsel
  • Project looping - Clips now cut themselves
  • GUI bug - Drum Channels overlap fixed
  • FX-target - Automation clips now named correctly
  • MIDI import - Crashes fixed
  • Projects - Failing to load fix
  • Misc bugfixes and stability improvements.
  • App store name change from 'FL Studio mobile HD' to 'FL Studio Mobile'.
FL Studio Mobile 3.1.10 to 3.1.11

There were no public releases with these version numbers.

FL Studio Mobile 3.1.9
  • Faster MIDI loading
  • Fixes for FLM2 project loading
FL Studio Mobile 3.1.8

  • MIDI Import/Export (Load/Save .mid files from Songs and Playlist tracks menu)
  • Stability improvements and bug fixes
  • Snap settings now apply to note length also.
  • Bluetooth audio should now work with all devices
  • The App Store name for 'FL Studio Mobile' has been changed to 'FLSM' and the installed App icon ro 'FLM' ('FL Studio Mobile HD' will be renamed 'FL Studio Mobile' at the next update). This is to direct new purchases to the FL Studio Mobile HD version.
  • Shop crash fix
FL Studio Mobile to

There were no public releases with these version numbers.

FL Studio Mobile

  • GMS crash/no-audio fix
  • Improved pop-up messages
  • Settings menu updated with categories
  • Bugfixes
  • Background audio mode (SETTINGS tab)
  • Bluetooth audio fixed? Please let us know!
  • Recording Audio crash fixed
  • Messages now fit all phone screens
  • Main menu glitches fixed
FL Studio Mobile

  • MP3 import
  • Piano roll enhanced snap options (long press on Snap icon)
  • Re-register Shop
  • Many bugfixes
  • Control sizing option
  • DirectWave loops fixed
  • Non-HD version shop fixed
  • WAV/MP3 samples placed in the Home Folder will appear under My Samples.
  • 32 Bit OS load crash fixed
FL Studio Mobile
  • Controls-size SETTINGS tab (-25% to +50%)
  • Automation recording values bug fix
  • Faster startup
  • Misc bugfixes
FL Studio Mobile
  • Reverse landscape mode (flip display)
  • Fixed sample load glitches
  • Faster start-up
  • Demo song fixes
  • New icon
  • More bugfixes
FL Studio Mobile
  • App not starting fix.
  • Drums & waves having noises and clicks on the end fixed
  • Audio waves out-of-sync fixed
FL Studio Mobile
  • Bugfixes
FL Studio Mobile
  • Fixes to FX modules
  • Improved UI look and behavior
  • Fix to MiniSynth LFO range
  • Fix Mixer tracks wrong color and controlling wrong channel
  • Crash loading songs fixed
FL Studio Mobile
  • Improved data sharing FLM <> FLM
  • Improved data sharing FLM <> FL Plugin
FL Studio Mobile
  • GMS Level & Pan work
  • .instr files load to Drum Channels
  • Improved data sharing FLM <> FLM
FL Studio Mobile 3.0.9 Android
  • Immersive mode (Android controls disappear while FLM is in use)
  • Compressor bugs fixed
  • Fixes compatibility with older devices
FL Studio Mobile 3.0.8 Android
  • App not starting fix.
  • WiFi must be on for the for first start-up after installation, license check.
FL Studio Mobile 3.0.7 Android
  • Browser - Long waves short preview (was playing to end)
  • CPU - Auto-disable synths not in-use
  • Export - Enable normalizing on render dialog
  • Export - Rendering export clipping bug fixed (caused cracking)
  • FLM2 - .instr samples load now. However not from a old .flm song (coming soon)
  • Playlist - Audio Clip waves drawn clipped or not drawn at all in some cases
  • Playlist - Audio tracks had +2 dB gain after loading, fixed to 0 dB
  • Playlist - Clips content properly updating in tracks editor
  • Playlist - Fixed “create parameter track” on non existing module crash
  • Share - Enable sync for first time use = sync can be enabled or disabled by user in settings
  • MIDI - All devices should now be detected and working
FL Studio Mobile 3.0.6 Android
  • No 3.0.6 for you!
FL Studio Mobile 3.0.5 Android
  • Lossless / Compressed Audio Export bugfixes
  • App not starting fix (report if your device still has issues)
FL Studio Mobile 3.0.4 Android
  • MP3 Export (320kbps)
  • Improved MIDI Controller Support
  • Bluetooth MIDI Support
  • DrumPad names update with samples
  • Fix crash when editing drum tracks
  • Key names match FL Studio Desktop
  • FLM2 custom .instr samples load (See DirectWave presets)
  • Single samples don't loop in DirectWave
  • FLM2 .recovery file hidden.
FL Studio Mobile 3.0.3 Android
  • Fixes graphical glitches on some devices (garbled fonts)
  • Fixes MIDI controller detection issues found for some controllers. Let us know if yours is not working.
  • NOTE: Some custom instruments are still not loading (we are working on it)
FL Studio Mobile 3.0.2 Android
  • AAC format ('Compressed' Export) garbled sound fix
  • WAV (Uncompressed Export) wav files not loading in external applications fix
  • Some devices MIDI controller input fix (we are still working on other devices)
FL Studio Mobile 3.0.1 Android
  • Recovers lost FLM2 projects / samples / data
  • Improved playback of FLM2 projects (closer but not 100%)
  • Improved Stepsequencer graph editors with reset bar for Pitch and Pan.
  • Drumpad release now works
  • Sync between FL Studio Mobile Android <> FL Plugin version working.
  • Fix for incorrect tap detection on some Samsung Galaxy devices
  • Fix for some Android devices crashing upon start
NOTE: Please don't worry if your old projects are not loading correctly. Your FL Mobile 2 data is safe and has not been deleted. It is on the root drive of your Android device under ..\Internal Storage\FLM User Files. Old song playback will not sound exactly the same as they did under FL Mobile 2.


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  • In app purchases - There is an in-App shop (content and additional synths).
  • Location - Apps that scan for BT devices must request LOCATION permission. It's required because it may be possible to guess the location of an Android device by seeing which BT devices are nearby.
  • Photos/Media/Files - FL Studio Mobile accesses audio files etc.
  • Microphone - FL Studio can record audio. Your devices mic is the default input.
  • Bluetooth - FL Studio Mobile supports Bluetooth M
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