Unable to render / export audio files in FL 20 / MacOS catalina (difficult workaround)

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Sun Mar 29, 2020 4:46 pm


Unable to render / export audio files in FL 20 / MacOS catalina (difficult workaround)

When I compose something in FL 20 (newest) on Mac OS Catalina, the playback within the DAW is fine.
However, I used AU Plugins (EastWest Play and Kontakt) and they only export audio in an incomplete way (every sound stops after less then 1 second, e.g. piano sounds or sustain violins).
I exported in all formats (using URC22C and checked also with adobe audition) and it is every time the same.
My very complicated workaround is to open the project in FL in Windows 10, replace every AU-Plugin (with heaving to readjust again all settings manually) and render it there, which then works fine, but in my opinion , it does not have the exact same sound quality as the original-Mac-AU-inapp-playback (maybe due to slightly different "code"?), which is bad (although hard to notice).

The following thread describes the problem (2018).

It is still the same since then and there hasn’t changed a single thing, I suppose.
I am looking forward to an helpful suggestions anyway.
Maybe I will try to reopen the re-configured („all-vst-1" and not AU) project in Mac OS Catalina again and see what happens.

The other „solution“ (there is no way to make something more unproffesional that that) is to record the desktop audio in MacOS with OBS and publish my file.

Kind regards,


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