Harmor Vocal Phrase Resynthesis Retrigger/Legato

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Wed Dec 15, 2021 10:02 pm


Harmor Vocal Phrase Resynthesis Retrigger/Legato

Hello Harmor-experts,

I want to achieve a certain play behavior and I don’t know how to do it.

I have a vocal phrase, that I want to play polyphonically and legato to avoid retriggering of the sample, like I know it from Kontakt „Tone Machine“. If I release all keys and start playing again, I want to trigger the sample. Of course the tempo of the phrase shall be in sync with the host DAW‘s tempo.

I downloaded a few of the demo patches of the vocal resynthesis packs. They all have different behavior. The vocal phrase plays continuously in a loop in sync with the DAW‘s tempo. Then I can play the sample polyphonically, that’s not bad, but not exactly what I described above.

Because I am missing that specific legato mode, that retriggers only if all keys are released and didn’t retrigger if legato play is applied.

It’s a polyphonic legato, not a monophonic legato, that I am talking about.

Simple question: Is that behavior possible?

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