FL New Tool Request, Gross (MIDI Tool) Beat. OR Midi Function toolbox for patcher...

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powd3r snow
Sun May 01, 2022 1:55 am


FL New Tool Request, Gross (MIDI Tool) Beat. OR Midi Function toolbox for patcher...

I want to give a big thank you to the FL20 team for developing Gross Beat. Love this tool. If possible please consult with musicians and dj's to add more quality presets for it down the road.

Pony request for FL Studio... (we all want a pony)
An FL Tool Request, can you guys produce a similar tool to gross beat, but instead of working on audio signal it would change the midi signal going though, before it reaches the vst. explained below. <<MIDI changing tools>>
gross beat is awesome, serves it's purpose as a dj kind of tool box, but a midi changing tool would also serve it's own purpose in songwriting.

So in Gross Beat a gate on an audio signal, turns off the sound and turns it back on periodically.
For a similar gross (midi specific) beat gate, you could make the tool so that when it gates, it would retrigger the start of the midi gate (ex. if you played a whole note, but had a gate on the signal it could force the midi chain to play eight notes, with eight note gap instead of an audio gate on one long note played). Similarly, it would be awesome to have common melody rhythm patters, that you could apply over piano roll using pathcher. I know you guys have a couple tools in piano roll, but a nice visual version like gross beat doing this to midi would be awesome. It would also be awesome to get common instrument rhythms added via 'a midi gate', copy famous mandolin patters, orchestra patterns, banjo, guitar, other instruments. (to repeat the above, when I say a midi melody gate, it would take the original notes being played on piano roll, and use a function to force notes to the incoming rhythm note. so a whole note played in midi per say , going through the function, would get replace with a eight note, followed by and eight rest, and 4 quarter notes to fill the bar at the respective note pitches; in a similar situation two half notes, would be split to for the first half note, an eight note + an eight note rest + and two quarter notes, and the next half note would be split into four quarter notes played at the incoming midi note) this would kind of be like a forced midi rhythm tool based on the incoming piano roll in patcher.
The gross beat midi rhythm portion of the function, might want to use a code of <if> blank, place note at last note played in piano roll pitch)

Similarly' a midi pitch tool, where it tool the incoming midi signal, and you could pitch correct the midi signal coming in, to be effected by the vst signal it was sent to in patcher. Pitch up, pitch down, octave, 5th, etc.; (an example would be, if you had four quarter notes coming in, you pitch up the first 3 quarter notes x semi tones, and pitch down the last quarter note 5 semi tones.)
A similar midi harmony tool would be awesome too, where you could have the incoming midi signal, add a 5th, or an octave (extra midi notes), ( an example of the harmony tool, would be if you had four quarter notes coming in from the piano roll, you could set the first note to have an extra midi note being played an octave up, the two in the middle with a fifth note being added, and the last note, you could have no note being added, just the original piano note coming in from the piano roll into patcher)
then being sent into whatever vst with pitch correction or harmony added that was being played in piano roll.
<<Having a gross beat *midi*, visual tool, would be nice to quickly add preset rhythms, pitch changes, harmony to a existing piano roll line, to create the proper presets for such a tool, you will have to consult with musicians on common presets to add to such a tool>>

similarly' the retrigger effects in gross beat, a midi retrigger tool , if you could have it retrigger the midi notes played in that sequence? (instead it plays the audio, but cuts off at retrigger points, this would play the note sequence in the retrigger mode, but allow for the notes to still run through the effects chain differently. gross beat currently kind of just retriggers the sound and stops, a midi tool would retrigger the midi which would send to the vst, and then the effects, which would have a very different and unique effect). similarly' if you could do something on midi level, for momentary effects.
I'm sure there is more you could pack into such a midi function tool box, but from a midi writing stand point, such a tool would be amazing.

To use a tool (midi changing toolbox, let's call it something like Gross MIDI Beat, you can rename it later) like mentioned above with patcher, and then be able to 'Burn to Midi', and continue to edit in piano roll would be awesome in a midi songwriting.

for patcher routing
midi piano roll in => (midi tool or tools changing the midi signal) => vst => sound out

maybe some of these midi tools already exist in other software, are the ableton midi tools availble in FL20, and do they work in patcher. Also, are there any other good existing midi tools (as mentioned above) already on the market.

Please Do Not Re-create cthulhu; (unless you can make it better),

But a Gross Beat visuals of a midi changing pattern tool or toolbox would be awesome, to use in tangent with patcher from the piano roll. MIDI function in patcher changing : Retrigger, Gate, Rhythm, Pitch, Harmony, other... similar to how Gross Beat Functions on the Audio level, but something that does the same on the MIDI level.
If there are already pre existing tools that do the above (visually) in patcher, or non visually through patcher chain, please list them below...

Apologies for the long bucket list of requests,
but a Big Thank You for the FL20 Team and all the work they have done over the years, giving the FL community quality updates.


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