Template for APC40 Performance Mode for Full Tracks

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Sun May 26, 2013 4:42 pm


Template for APC40 Performance Mode for Full Tracks

Here is a DJ Performance Template for the APC40 set up for two channels, routing for cueing, a crossfader, and an instance of gross beat for each channel to change up styles.
Further explanation is here - http://freaksolid.wordpress.com/2013/05 ... pc40-v1-0/ . I'm certainly open to suggestions for improvement on the template, and feedback on the APC40 Script.

There are two different templates in the zip file (one with Patcher Presets and one without Patcher presets):

v1.0b - Patcher Presets with GUI for Effects and EQ
v1.0a - No Patcher Presets - Better for Computer Resources
Same mapping as above except effects are in mixer channel, and EQ are mapped directly to Parametric EQ2 for each channel (i.e., knobs on APC40 are the same).
Installation Instructions

1. Save APC40 Script to "...\FL Studio 11\System\Hardware specific\Akai APC"
folder and rename tp Page#.scr (e.g., Page 12.scr and Page13.scr)

2. Close FL Studio 11 and then Open FL Studio again so that it loads up APC Scripts for
use in FL Studio (Check to see if the appear by cycling through the Akai APC pages)

3. Open Ayj_DJ_Perform_APC40_v1.0a.flp or Ayj_DJ_Perform_APC40_v1.0b.flp

4. Load and stretch your full length Tracks

5. Assign Tracks in each Deck to Mixer Channel (Deck 1 Tracks should all be assigned to the Deck 1
Mixer Channel; Deck 2 Tracks should all be assigned to the Deck 2 Mixer Channel).

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