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Wed Mar 06, 2013 5:03 am

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Welcome to DeckaTalk LE - READ ME!


Deckadance v2 LE is included with many controller products starting from 2013.

You can upgrade Deckadance 2 LE to Deckadance 2 regular edition for $49 USD (RRP $79) and this will unlock:

* The Smartknob editor (unlimited amount of presets)
* Grossbeat's editor (unlimited amount of presets)
* MIDI mapping for all other controllers
* Audio recording.
* VST hosting of plugins.
* VST plugin/client version (can be run inside FL Studio/Live/Cubase etc)
* Deckatalk and other Image-Line forums.

OR you can upgrade Deckadance 2 LE to Deckadance 2 DVS for $119 USD (RRP $149) and this will unlock the above plus:

* DVS (support for digital vinyl/CD)

Make sure you have registered the Deckadance 2 LE code that came with your controller and then proceed to the shop and you will see the $49 and $119 upgrade options for Deckadance v2.

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