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Thu Aug 15, 2013 10:07 pm


INSTALL THIS latest version of Deckadance 2 (Jan 2015)

Please make sure you have updated to the latest version before posting bug reports...

Deckadance 2.42

* [new] - New Elastique v3 engine with improved transient processing.
* [new] - New multi controller support (via scripting).
* [new] - Added native support for Behringer CMD 2A.
* [new] - Added native support for Casio XW-DJ1.
* [fix] - Fix iTunes library importing problem for OSX (Yosemite update).
* [fix] - Fixed crashes at song loading.
* [fix] - Fixed leap function.
* [fix] - Fixed warning messages drawing.
* [fix] - Fixed manual editing of filepaths in the song manager.
* [chg] - Changed preferences dialog window for MIDI scripting and ILRemote areas.
* [chg] - Changed some midi scripting commands from toggle to momentary ones: SYNC_LOCK, SNAP, LOOP, LEAP, KEY_LOCK,

Download links

Windows: ... e_2.42.exe
OSX: ... e_2.42.dmg

This is a FREE update, if there are still issues please let us know.

PS: We are on European time so please be patient if you are posting from outside that time-zone.

Regards Scott

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