Hercules DJControl Instinct

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DJ Phatso
Thu Sep 12, 2013 6:07 pm


Hercules DJControl Instinct

Important: Be sure to set the following parameters in the DJControl Instinct Control panel before proceeding.

- Pitch Repeat frequency = 30 ms
- Pitch Repeat delay = 0 ms


Sync = Sync lock.
Cue = Stutter Cue point (Retrigger playback, hold and press play to continue).
Play = Play/Pause.

Jog wheels:

Vinyl Button = Activate scratch mode for Jog wheels.
Jog (Vinyl Button On) = Pitch bend (Turn only)/ Scratch playback (Push down and turn).
Jog (Vinyl Button Off) = Pitch bend .


Pitch Fader = Tempo.
Pitch + = Pitch bend nudge +
Pitch - = Pitch bend nudge -


Treble Knob = High EQ.
Middle Knob = Mid EQ.
Bass Knob = Bass EQ.


FILES button On: Playlist navigation
Arrow UP= Playlist Up
Arrow DOWN= Playlist Down

FOLDER button On: Folder navigation
Arrow UP= Directory Up
Arrow Down= Directory Down.
LOAD A = Folder expand/collapse

Buttons Loop Mode:

Button 1 = Loop on/off (when you end looping playback resumes from end of loop).
Button 2 = Leap on/off (when you end looping playback resumes from where it would have been without looping).
Button 3 = Half loop size.
Button 4 = Double loop size.

<< button= Move loop left (when no loop or leap enabled moves playback position).
>> button= Move loop right (when no loop or leap enabled moves playback position).

Buttons Effect Mode:

Button 1 = FX1 on/off
Button 2 = FX2 on/off
Button 3 = FX3 on/off
Button 4 = FX wet signal bass cut.

Buttons Sample Mode:

Button 1 = Trigger Sampler 1 (Sampler 5 on Deck B).
Button 2 = Trigger Sampler 2 (Sampler 6 on Deck B).
Button 3 = Trigger Sampler 3 (Sampler 7 on Deck B).
Button 4 = Trigger Sampler 4 (Sampler 8 on Deck B).

Buttons Hot Cue Mode:

Button 1 = Set and trigger Hot Cue 1.
Button 2 = Set and trigger Hot Cue 2.
Button 3 = Set and trigger Hot Cue 3.
Button 4 = Set and trigger Hot Cue 4.

Other controls as labeled.
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DJ Phatso
Thu Jan 22, 2015 1:35 pm


Re: Hercules DJControl Instinct

Changes with v2.42: - Modifications related to...

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