Pioneer DDJ-Ergo-V, activate led with sendMidiMessage

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Sat Mar 01, 2014 11:25 am


Pioneer DDJ-Ergo-V, activate led with sendMidiMessage

Hi People,

Before buying deckadance 2, I want to be sure that my controller (Pioneer DDJ-Ergo-V) can work with deckadance 2.

I'm trying to script the controller with the midi mapping but I've an issue with each led in my controller.

I don't know how to turn on the led of my controller.

Here is a example of a part of my code to turn on a led when I push a button.

Code: Select all

void OnMidiMessageReceived (const string &in name, int status, int data, int value)
	sendMidiMessage(status, data, 0x01);
But nothing happens when I do it.

Does my value parameter is wrong ?

PS : Sorry for my bad english.


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