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Tue Apr 03, 2007 3:18 pm


Welcome to the DeckaTalk forum ...

Hi and welcome to the Deckadance support forum.

To help make this forum a fun, happy and helpful place to be, the Image-Line staff would like you to follow a few guidelines:

1. Questions:

Start by using the search function at the top of the subject list. If you still have a question be polite and clearly state what your problem is. In particular when asking for help -

* Slang-mode OFF - It's no fun to trying to decode technical issues through the filter of whatever slang/dialect is 'cool' in your part of the world. We don't expect perfect English or spelling and have no problem if it's your 2nd or 3rd language, just explain yourself as clearly as you can.

* Explain your problem in detail - Put yourself in the position of someone who has to understand your problem but can't see your PC or experience it. Now how are you going to make them understand what the issue is?

* Post examples - Include screen-shots (.jpg or .gif), audio examples .mp3 (no more than 160 kbps is usually necessary) or a project .flp

* Timing : Please take the local time in Belgium (Image-Line headquarters) into consideration when you expect an answer or aftersales question.

2. Forum etiquette: If you don't have anything positive or helpful to reply with please stay out of the thread. Even if the user is posting something offensive or asking something that has been asked 20 times before. Show respect to your fellow forum members.

3. Abuse: All abusive messages will be deleted on the spot. Continued abuse will result in a forum ban for the poster.

4. Politics & Religion: Posts on religion, politics, and other off topic posts are not for this forum. If you post off topic posts they will be locked or deleted. Continued abuse will result in a forum ban for the poster.

5. Subject titles: Please try to enter descriptive subjects ('Help with SoundBlaster' is OK, 'Help!' is not). Also please try to refrain from using offensive language in your subject or message body, as the thread titles appear on our homepage and we have a lot young users and are an international form with varying moral standards.

6. SHOUTING: Using your CAPS LOCK for typing messages is considered SHOUTING on the internet so please take it off before posting.

7. Screaming for attention: We get everything that's posted here by email so messages may be removed if it's titled -

* L.S.D/JMC/Gol/Reflex READ THIS!
* Sex here ! ... now I got your attention

The Deckadance Support Team
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