Bug with Slide tool vs Pencil tool cursors (since ever...)

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Wed Jul 11, 2018 2:13 pm

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Bug with Slide tool vs Pencil tool cursors (since ever...)

Hello, I'd like to point out something that is there since ever but finally now I've been able to realize what was wrong with it.

I'm speaking about switching between the slice tool and pencil tool while hovering over a clip.

Usually I don't look at my typing keyboard to press shortcuts, and neither to the upper bar where the tools are highlighted. I only rely on the currently active cursor.

The problem is that many times I find myself clicking on a clip sure that I was using the pencil tool, but then, as soon as I move the cursor, the actual pointer shows: the slide tool, which obviously makes me slide a clip instead of drawing it or editing it.

Just try this:

Place any clip on the playlist, move the cursor right on it (e.g you're using the pencil tool), then press S to switch to the slide tool.
If you didn't moved your mouse after pressing S, the pencil cursor will still be active, making you think you're still using the pencil tool.
but as soon as you move your mouse, the cursor updates to the Slide tool.

I've never found a software doing this since I have memories about me using a PC.

All FL cursors update instantly as soon as you press their shortcut. All but the slide tool. Especially if the mouse is already over a clip.
Same for the little arrow to add automation points. This shows only if you move your cursor, otherwise the pointer is still the pencil.

Hope you'll be willing to fix this...

Thank you



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