Updated to 20.1.9, all 3rd party VSTs now broken Topic is solved

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Mon Mar 28, 2022 10:17 pm


Updated to 20.1.9, all 3rd party VSTs now broken

Hey all.
I just updated FL to the newest version, only to find exactly what the title says -- I can't load any of my external plugins. They show up on the sidebar, but trying to load any of them gives me an error message, which shows no information at all and just asks "are you sure this is installed correctly?"
The same plugins I'm trying to load now worked this morning when I was finishing a mix before I downloaded the update, so I am completely sure they are installed correctly.
I've already tried rescanning my VST folders, rebooting my machine, and even reverting FL to the version I was using this morning, none of which made any difference.

I'm out of ideas. The only conclusion I have is that the update could have somehow broken fruity wrapper.
I really need these things. I can't work on any project I've made in the last decade without them. Any help is appreciated.

Hevy (IL)
Technical Support
Wed Apr 06, 2022 12:43 pm


Re: Updated to 20.1.9, all 3rd party VSTs now broken

Hi there. Sorry for the late reply. Yes, if up...

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