Lifetime FREE updates! - Where's mine and how does it work?

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Lifetime FREE updates! - Where's mine and how does it work?

If you purchased FL Studio in a store and it came on a CD in a box then we call you a 'Box customer '. If you purchased FL Studio as a download from the Internet then we call you a 'Download customer'.

Box customers:

From FL Studio 10 and up - Lifetime Free Updates were granted Boxed versions starting at FL Studio 10 (Fruity, Producer & Signature Bundle). Register your box online to get access to the Lifetime Free Updates.

FL Studio 9 - The box includes a virtual cash voucher that you can use to buy Lifetime Free Updates. Use it at our shop. If you used it on plugins & or samples already then see below...

FL Studio 8 or lower - You are entitled to one free update of the FL Studio edition you purchased (Fruity, Producer, XXL Bundle or Signature Bundle). That is from FL Studio N to FL Studio N + 1, i.e FL Studio 8 to FL Studio 9. You will receive all the minor version updates for the version you upgrade to for free also.

You can upgrade to lifetime, free (downloaded) updates by paying a few extra $. This will swap you to Download user status (see below).

Click here to see the Manual section on updating.

Download customers:

You are entitled to all new updates released, FL Studio N + 1, 2, 3... etc, free. Where N is the version number of the edition you purchased. We have users who originally bought FL Studio 2, for example, who updated to FL Studio 10 for free this year.

Click here to see the Manual section on updating.

Note to Boxed and Download customers:

So, does this mean you will get everything we develop for free from now on? No, most new stuff that is built into FL Studio is included free to improve the application and make it more competitive with other software on the market. When we develop something new, such as a synthesizer or other module, we may build it into FL Studio and include it free in the next update, or offer it as an optional purchase. But don't worry, there is always lots of bug fixes, new features, synths, effects, etc., provided free with each FL Studio major version release.

How does Image-Line stay in business? That's kind of you to ask. We have two overriding philosophies that help us. First, we believe you shouldn't have to pay for bug fixes. All those companies charging for new versions are in effect 'burning customers' as fuel in the engine of corporate greed. Over time, the cost of yearly updates, for what amounts to mainly bug-fixes, wears thin and customers move on to other products. Our lifetime free updates policy does attract a lot of new customers, FL Studio is possibly the world's most popular DAW. However, we keep nearly all of our customers, and so today there are well over 1,000,000 registered FL Studio users (and counting).

Our second philosophy is that you should only pay for features you use. In this way, we include a number of optional demo synthesizers, effects and sounds. Since our loyal customer base is so large (thanks to all of you), the combined new and additional sales pay for the free updates to the existing customer base. This model has been working for us for over 10 years and we are continuing to grow. So, please purchase FL Studio and add-ons, support the entire FL Studio community...lifetime free updates are powered by you :)


These are the final and most up-to-date installers that were released for each version of FL Studio

FL Studio 11 - (32 & 64 Bit)
FL Studio 10 - (32 Bit)
FL Studio 9 - (32 Bit)

Versions prior to 9 require a Legacy regcode - If you have a backup flregkey.reg from one of these versions, it will still work, but we can no longer generate them, otherwise they will work in demo.

FL Studio 8 - (32 Bit)
FL Studio 7 - (32 Bit)
FL Studio 6 - (32 Bit)
FL Studio 5 -
FL Studio 4 -
FL Studio 3 -
FL Studio 2 -
FL Studio 1 - download/file.php?id=38881

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