Lifetime FREE updates! - Where's mine and how does it work?

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Fri Mar 14, 2008 11:53 pm

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Lifetime FREE updates! - Where's mine and how does it work?

If you purchased FL Studio in a store and it came on a CD or USB drive, in a box, then we call you a 'Box customer '. If you purchased FL Studio as a download from the Internet then we call you a 'Download customer'.


From FL Studio 10 and up - Lifetime Free Updates were granted Boxed versions starting at FL Studio 10 (Fruity, Producer & Signature Bundle). Register your box online to get access to the Lifetime Free Updates.

FL Studio 9 - The box includes a virtual cash voucher that you can use to buy Lifetime Free Updates. Use it at our shop. If you used it on plugins & or samples already then see below...

FL Studio 8 or lower - You are entitled to one free update of the FL Studio edition you purchased (Fruity, Producer, XXL Bundle or Signature Bundle). That is from FL Studio N to FL Studio N + 1, i.e FL Studio 8 to FL Studio 9. You will receive all the minor version updates for the version you upgrade to for free also.

You can upgrade to lifetime, free (downloaded) updates by paying a few extra $. This will swap you to Download user status (see below).


You are entitled to all new updates released, FL Studio N + 1, 2, 3... etc, free. Where N is the version number of the edition you purchased. We have users who originally bought FL Studio 2, for example, who updated to FL Studio 10 for free this year.


Click here to see the Manual section on updating.


FL Studio 1, FL Studio 2, FL Studio 3 and FL Studio 4, FL Studio 5, FL Studio 6, FL Studio 7, FL Studio 8, FL Studio 9, FL Studio 10, FL Studio 11 and FL Studio 12

These are the final and most up-to-date installers that were released for each version of FL Studio. You can find download links to them in this Knowledge Base article:

Where can I find older versions of FL Studio and their installers?

The FL Studio Support team.

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