IL Diagnostic Tool (FL Studio related diagnostics)

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FidelityMusic (IL)
Wed Jan 13, 2016 8:48 pm

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IL Diagnostic Tool (FL Studio related diagnostics)

The diagnostic tool is provided for troubleshooting issues with FL Studio as well as creating diagnostic reports for Technical Support related issues.

Windows - Download the diagnostic tool by clicking on this link.


Windows - Open FL Studio > Help (menu) > Diagnostics

Mac - Open FL Studio > Help (menu) > Diagnostics (Make sure you are updated to the latest version of FL Studio if you don't see this).

Diagnostic Tool Main Page.PNG

Unlock purchased products

This function will direct you to enter your Image-Line account login details to unlock your purchased products.

Fix detected problems

Detects and corrects issues with the 'vorbis.acm' codec.

Reset FL Studio settings

This function will return FL Studio to its default installation configuration. Click here for more information on this option.

Reset FL Studio DPI scaling

This function will return GUI scaling options to their default installation configuration. This is particularly helpful when 'FL won't open after changing scaling options'.

Fix FL Studio Song Project

Used for troubleshooting issues with projects that will not open within FL Studio due to plugins used in the project. This will not fix a project containing corrupt data or recover lost project and plugin settings.

  • Browse- Locate the problematic .FLP file that you want to fix.
  • Remove the plugin that crashed when project was saved - FL Studio will automatically detect a problematic plugin in the project and remove it, may not work in all cases.
  • Remove a plugin that crashes when file is opened - Manually select and remove plugins that you suspect may be causing problems in your project. Note: Third party plugins are only identified as 'Fruity Wrapper', so this option will likely require trial and error to remove a particular plugin from the project.
  • Select - Applies the changes and saves a new version of the project.

Diagnostic Tool Fix FLP.PNG

I have a technical problem

Use this option to create a diagnostic report of your sytem which will better help us determine the cause of your issue. This information includes but is not limited to your FL Studio version, operating system version, available ASIO devices, and available MIDI devices.

Diagnostic report.png
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