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IMPORTANT: Provide step-by-step DETAILS about your problem and how to reproduce it. A VIDEO is excellent (get a free recorder here - Upload mp4 format videos direct to the forum). Get a great free screenshot app here. Bugs will be fixed faster if you follow these suggestions. NOTE: Technical Support is ONLY available Monday - Friday (9 am to 5 pm CET), thank you.
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Thu Apr 24, 2008 9:18 am

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README! Intro to Support and Getting Help

Technical Support Forums

YES this is the place where we support FL Studio AND Plugins. We respond as quickly as we can but note that Techsupport provided Monday - Friday (9 am to 5 pm Central European Time).

The technical support forums are intended to help you solve technical issues, not 'how-to' questions. If you want to know how to do something, please use Loop-Talk or refer to the manual. You will usually get a faster answer too.

Start by searching:

  • The Knowledge Base - This contains a searchable database of common problems with the forums, registration and FL Studio.
  • The FL Studio Manual - Press F1 in FL Studio, this can be searched on several levels, check the INDEX and SEARCH tabs to the left of the text window.
  • Search these forums - It's possible that your problem has already been discussed. Try searching the forums.
If you still have a technical question or a problem with FL Studio or plugin after searching the above, please attach as much data as possible to help us understand and resolve your issues.

The following information is ALL good:

  • Description - explain what happens (or doesn't happen), and provide all the needed info we need to replicate the problem/situation.
  • Data files - FLP or ZIP projects as examples.
  • Images - screenshots (or better, video of the problem. OBS (free and open source) works well and the .mp4 files can be uploaded to this forum
  • Sound - audio examples of the problem.
  • Upload the Diagnostic results - If FL Studio will open this is best accessed from HELP (menu) > Diagnostics.

    If FL Studio won't start: Windows: Click here to download the diagnostic tool. Mac: Right-click the FL Studio icon and 'Show in finder'. Then right-click the FL Studio App and 'Show contents' then browse to: Contents > Resources > FL > System > Tools > Diagnostics >


Errr. Yes, well we have over 1,000,000 active users of FL Studio and the programs & plugins are mature, stable and free of obvious bugs such as bursting into flames. It is MOST OFTEN the case that technical problem/s are solved by changing a setting somewhere (there are many options in FL Studio & Windows) or by re/installing the program/drivers.

We want to help, but need your cooperation. We understand how frustrating computers can be, we use them too, so please be clear and positive if you have a request for help :)


Back-office Technical Support Team - Create a traceable support-ticket. This link is primarily for registration, private matters and purchase problems.


Please see this KB article on how to proceed:

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The FL Studio Support Team.


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