FL (WINDOWS) on Macbook Pro Hardware?

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Sat Sep 16, 2017 6:13 pm

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FL (WINDOWS) on Macbook Pro Hardware?

Hi guys and girls,

and BEFORE you smash me for the idea to install windows on a macbook, or even run fl studio on a macbook: Please read my question and take a deep breath, maybe drink a coffee, tea or water and then help me out ;) Thank you :mrgreen:

So first my story: I am travelling a lot (business), i need a fast workflow, a stable battery and a good touchpad and keyboard.
Since i already own a mbp (2009) for DJing, i learned to love it.

The thing is: I have a laptop for music production (little advice here: Never buy a 17" laptop. They are useless for travelling).
But since it is to big, to heavy, has a bad battery life and cannot handle many vst´s well, i want to sell it (It may be great for games, but not so much for fl).

My main problem (and i´m sure many here can relate to this) is that i cannot load many vst´s and effects without the whole song starting to clip and stutter. I always have to export everything (which is not that bad, but a bit annoying, especially when it still clips).

First, i wanted to buy a pc (hackintosh) for production and an additional mbp (cheaper version), but then i asked myself if it wouldn´t be better to buy a bigger version of the mbp and no pc?

Now: I want to run fl on windows on a mbp, since all my vst´s are win aswell. (yes, this is macabuse)
But has anyone here experience in running FL on a windows macbook pro 15? How is the cpu? Does it flow, or stutter? Can you load like 40 Serums into that, maybe some Kontakt, Fabfilter and waves plugins aswell?
Because if you can, i would buy an mbp, could work with it as a business notebook and run all my essential programs on it, like adobe cc, fl studio, serato etc.
And i would not have to switch between different notebooks (and carry them), i would always have everything with me, which would be awesome!

Sooo? Anyone experience with this?
Thank you sooo much in advance.


PS.: I haven´t found anything in the forum regarding to this, but if you do, please link it and i can delete this topic.

Tue Sep 19, 2017 3:01 pm

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Re: FL (WINDOWS) on Macbook Pro Hardware?

All right, thank you very much. I saw that know...

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