FL 12 sucks. Randoming about bigmacs.

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Mon Sep 18, 2017 12:19 pm

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FL 12 sucks. Randoming about bigmacs.

What I have:
Used FL 12.5 for about a week now. Been using FL 11 on daily basis till now. Windows 7 64 Ultimate. Enough patience. Projects to finish. Desktop PC. Realtek ethernet adapter.
Gotten my workflow brutally interrupted by a random crash or error or somethingsnotworking type of crap.

1. If I change the playback tracking to either hybrid or mixer, fl studio instantly crashes and both versions will start doing that on startups. Resetted settings, helped once, should reset every time I'm about to open fl studio. Can't use driver playback position, since the playback position is closer to planet Jupiter than the real play position and offsetting doesn't help at all.
Disabling network driver helps sometimes. But then again it crashes when trying to render mp3.
2. FL 12 is unable to find Fruity Blood Overdrive, Fruity Phaser, Fruity Flanger etc. basic tools if I'm trying to open a project that is made on FL 11. But they open just fine when opened from effects list on FL 12 (Ofc they won't have the settings saved).
3. Weird glitches with 3th party VSTs: sometimes when I press play the plugin's sound changes to something completely diffrent. I've never had this on FL 11.
4. FL 12 infects FL 11 with the same errors. Examples: If FL 12 does a startup crash, it's lil bro FL 11 will repeat the next time I'll try to open it. If the wrapper decides to stop responding to keyboard on FL 12, so does the FL 11's wrapper afterwards. If FL 12 decides that it will start crashing whenever I change the playback tracking to anything else than driver, it crashes and the gansta lil bro FL 11 will repeat that...

Now I love how great is the new FL 12 features (especially the scaleable Parametric EQ 2 and Maximus !!) and I would so much would like to start using FL 12 on daily basis and get to know it better, but that's impossible since FL 12 still sucks so badly.
That prevents me from moving to FL 12, since I've used version 11 so long that I have pretty much all my projects, under work or finished, made with FL 11.

I knew it will have it's problems when it was released with so many changes to the gui and all, but I've given it more than a fair enough time to grow out of it's teenage angst.

I am sorry, but I can't have a long term relationship with something as unstable as FL 12.
I'ts not about me, it's about you.

What I have done so far:
Resetted settings on both versions. Update drivers. Reinstalled all (FL Studios, software for soundcard and hardware drivers) twice. Cleaned registry after uninstall. Used diagnostic tool (and found nothing). Pondered my head over that what is the secret relationship between a network driver and fl studio 12.

What I will do next:
Uninstall both FL versions and reinstall only FL 11 and remove all the traces of FL 12, so that nobody will know it ever was on installed my computer.

What I will not do:
Buy a Mac (Big Mac maybe). Switch to some other DAW. Move to forrest to become a primitive hunter-gatherer human.

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