Time stretching creating unwanted dynamics in full songs

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Tue Sep 19, 2017 2:17 pm

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Time stretching creating unwanted dynamics in full songs

Hey guys, hope this finds you well.

I'm using FL Studio to create a DJ Mix and have enabled the 'e3 Generic' timestretching mode to preserve the pitch of each track.

Since all the tracks have already been mastered, I'd expected the overall volume of the mix to stay at a constant throughout, only peaking during mixing points when tracks overlap. I could then add a compressor/limiter on the master to calm the peaks at mixing points, so the overall set can then be normalized to 0db ready for CD.

However, upon exporting the pre-compressed mix (at -4db for some headroom), the dynamics are all over the place. The changes in volume aren't really noticeable by ear, but the master compressor is picking up on them horribly, so it's not just the overlapping points that are being compressed, but pretty much everything. Take a look at the picture link below to see better.

If I re-export the mix with the 'Resample' stretching mode enabled on the tracks instead of the pitch preserve options, then it works like I expected. This is not an option however as the songs are mixed by key, so the pitches need to be preserved.

Any advice is massively appreciated. Thank you! :mrgreen:

------ TLDR -------

Pitch preserving is throwing the dynamics of my DJ mix all over the place and making the master compressor work too hard.

This picture explains it better than I can:
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