FL Studio Crashes When Opening Existing Projects and Custom Templates

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Fri Sep 22, 2017 7:12 pm

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FL Studio Crashes When Opening Existing Projects and Custom Templates


Recently I've had all my custom project templates crash on loading, after the following error message is displayed twice:

Interface Scale - The chosen interface scale is too large to display on this monitor. It has been reset back to 100%.

I click "OK" on each of these error messages, FL Studio tries to load, then stops working and crashes.

The same goes for loading most of my projects straight from the project files. I had to manually sift through the folders to find the "Empty" project template, load from that, then if I'm lucky and it loads, then try to load my custom templates or existing projects.

As you can imagine this gets to be frustrating after a while, and having to try multiple attempts to get projects/templates to load is time consuming.

I've read through the manual on System Settings, and all of these check out as outlined in that section. (The current selection is "system" for the main GUI scaling, and the defaults for the other settings as well. Also, I have made no changes to the display settings and software etc. I'm at a loss to know how to remedy this as I cannot determine the cause, or find a solution.

I'm still running 12.4.2 as I'm waiting to see if all the bugs etc in 12.5 are addressed. (General policy to wait before installing upgrades of software and operating systems to allow bug fixes to run their course). How are we traveling with 12.5 - is it stable and relatively free of bugs now?

My stopgap procedure now is I've set up a shortcut to open the "Empty" project template each time, and then I soldier through attempting to open existing projects or templates a few times till they open correctly. :) However this is NOT optimal as it chews up hours of wasted time.

Any help to sort this out would be appreciated.
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