Un-removable plugin search paths

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Mon Oct 23, 2017 2:53 am

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Un-removable plugin search paths

Hi guys,

I have installed a bunch of plugins as part of a new installation and have noticed that sometimes installations of plugins will cause an extra plugin search path to appear in the plugin manager. The plugins sometimes default to a certain folder (that doesn't exist) during installation and then I change the folder to the one I want but somehow this seems to have fooled FL Studio 12 and it has added that plugin search path to the list. So the folder doesn't exit yet it's listed in the FL Plugin Manager and I can't delete it using the remove folder button. I have just unchecked them so they aren't scanned but it sure makes the list unnecessarily long. It seems like something isn't quite right with this. Is there something that I'm missing or is it a known issue? I've included a screen shot of what I'm seeing on my system.

Below is a list of the extra folders I am unable to remove:

C:\Program Files\VSTPlugins64\EastWest (Folder exists but I'm already scanning the root folder 'C:\Program Files\VSTPlugins64\ as my main plugin folder so it's unnecessary.)
C:\Program Files (86)\Steinberg\VstPlugins (Folder exists as some plugin installation put some uninstall data files in here. There are no plugin .dll files in here. I don't want to remove the folder from my system but I would like to remove it from the Plugin Manager)
C:\Program Files (86)\VstPlugins\ (This folder doesn't exist and I'm unable to remove it.)
C:\Program Files\VstPlugins\ (This folder doesn't exist and I'm unable to remove it.)
C:\Program Files\Steinberg\VstPlugins\ (This folder doesn't exist and I'm unable to remove it.)

I've attached a screenshot showing these folders in the FL Plugin Manager (greyed out because I've unchecked them) and a look at my windows explorer. It's showing that the highlighted search path in the plugin manager doesn't exist in my computer. I am unable to remove any of these folders.

I'm running Windows 10 FL Studio 64 the latest release.

Plugin Manager Non-Removable Plugin Search Paths.JPG

Any insight you could give me would be great. Thanks!

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