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Mon Oct 30, 2017 2:22 pm


Bassdrum Bugs

chuck death wrote:
anziminn wrote:
chuck death wrote:@anziminn Yes, for this bank I only used the internal sample set, so no reference issues. If this bank is popular I plan on releasing a second bank which will come with a small but useful selection of samples to drop into the Bassdrum sample set folder. ;)
I think I see what you mean, are you talking about the "Noise Samples" folder in ...Plugins\Fruity\Generators\BassDrum\ ?
Yes, that's the one. If you put samples in there, they appear in the sample menu in BassDrum so no sample reference issues. ;)

I'm currently testing a bunch of different samples, once I'm done I'll pick the best/most useful ones and make a new pack with the samples included.
Thanks chuck death for this great sample pack! :)

I have two side notes regarding the sample loading option in BassDrum:
  • When I tried populating the '...Plugins\Fruity\Generators\BassDrum\Noise Samples' folder with a bunch of FL stock samples, they actually did not show properly in the sample pulldown menu inside BassDrum. The open menu stays inside the footprint of the plugin, and if there are too many menu items they get cut off. There is no scrollbar. The same problem arises if the sample names are too long. Subfolders are not recognized in the menu, so the number of samples you can put in there without the display becoming ugly is limited. Might be better to access samples via the 'Load' function from a folder that can e.g. be placed inside the 'Noise Samples' folder.
    BassDrum overload.jpg
  • While it is very convenient that you can just drag over samples from the FL Browser onto the BassDrum GUI to load them, I also noticed that some .wav samples do not play at all, i.e. the plugin seems to be somewhat picky in which samples it accepts. From doing a bit of experimentation it appears to me that this occurs for .wav samples that have low bit rates (below approx. 700 kbps), while sample resolution (e.g. 16, 24 or 32 bits) does not seem to be critical for loading into BassDrum.

    To make problematic samples playable in BassDrum, I open them in Edison and re-save them without any modifications. Alternatively, loading them in Audacity and re-exporting them into a file in the 'WAV (Microsoft) signed 16-bit PCM' format also worked for me.
Does anyone else have these issues? Thanks!
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Wed Nov 01, 2017 9:07 pm


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