Volume envelope delay?

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Wed Apr 18, 2018 12:53 pm

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Volume envelope delay?

Hello everyone!

I have a quite strange problem.

When I add a volume envelope to my sample (I want to create some space for another samples - but only using this method, sidechained compression is not in my interest now), the first envelope at "A" point (which is beginning of my track) works perfectly (all of the volume is decreased to 0), but each other cut of this envelope creates characteristic "click", sometimes smaller, sometimes bigger (as you can see at waveform, points "B" and "C").

I cut a few miliseconds of sample before each point, when envelope starts, to ensure that there is no sound a little bit ahead.

Seems that there is a little bit delay between sample sound and envelope while working except the first one.

Are there available some changes to made in software to fix it? At the moment the only good method for this is to move a sample little bit forward (like 1/32 grid), or create an decreasing curve before each envelope part is starting to decrease again, but this is totally annoying while having a lot of envelopes and stuff to work with.

I woul be very glad for any answers.

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