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Thu Feb 20, 2020 9:47 am


Autotune EFX causing audio glitchez


I am using the most recent version of FL studio 20 and I’ve recently purchased Autotune EFX from Antares. However, I’ve noticed that it is causing audio glitches that could best be described as crackles and pops on the vocals when the autotune is applied. It usually occurs at the beginning of words but only at certain locations in the song. This happens when played in the DAW and also on the exported version, but it doesn’t do it on every export. The fact that it does it on exports means that it’s not a buffer size length problem, even though I set that pretty high when mixing. I also have 32gb ram and my CPU is not really even being worked hard according to the meter in FL. I have a Ryzen 2700 CPU. I’ve tried to go to the wrapper settings and turn off ‘Allow threaded processing’ but that does not fix the issue. Has anyone else had this problem?

Technical Support
Fri Feb 21, 2020 4:38 pm


Re: Autotune EFX causing audio glitchez

Could you try setting "use fixed-sized buffers"...

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