Limited track goes over limitation values ??? Topic is solved

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Sat Sep 05, 2020 2:18 pm


Limited track goes over limitation values ???

So when I open a track as an audio clip so I can check the RMS I just noticed that I have this problem that the db meter shows peaks that goes over the "0 db" value. I Have had this problem before, but now I can't fix it so anybody can tell why the FL is behaving this way ?? When I change my FL's sample rate from 48 khz to 41 khz then limited tracks as an audio clip don't go over the maximum volume on the db meter like it should. So for some reason there is some fluctuation on audio clips tracks though they are limited to zero db when running FL in 48 Khz, but not when running FL in 41 Khz. Last time this happened it was due to conflict between my fl being 48 khz, but computers audio being 41 khz and when I changed them both to 48 khz it worked now they are both 48 khz but this issue persists.

As you can see from the pictures when using 48 khz sample rate the db meter reads as if the tracks isn't limited and on 41 khz you see that it is from the db meter's "lines" that float a while. Both pictures are taken when the track playing on the beat so the loudness is as high as possible.
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Wed Sep 09, 2020 10:43 am


Re: Limited track goes over limitation values ???

Hi there. Could you please attach the project ...

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Fri Sep 18, 2020 1:40 pm


Re: Limited track goes over limitation values ???  Topic is solved

Hi there. This can happen due to the current l...

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