FL Studio Purchase & Registration (How to)

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Mon Nov 19, 2007 1:51 am

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FL Studio Purchase & Registration (How to)

The purchase and registration process is as follows. Please check that you have completed all steps that apply to you (Note: Blue words are live links) -

I Downloaded FL Studio:

1. Download and install FL Studio from HERE. We provide a fully functioning TRIAL of FL Studio & Plugins so you can ensure that it works 'as advertised' and that you are happy with its performance. Please note: All TRIALS are the full version of the software running in a special 'trial mode'. Trials are unlocked by entering your Image-Line Account email and password on the About Panel (see here).

2.0 Purchase FL Studio. Please go to the Image-Line Store and follow the instructions. Wait for your email. After ordering FL Studio you will be sent an email with a login and password to your personal user page on the Image-Line site. The email is usually sent within 24 hours (we process orders manually during European business hours, if you order on a weekend it may take longer). Please keep an eye on your spam filter so that it doesn't redirect the registration email to a spam folder.

I purchased FL Studio in a Box from a store:

2.1 Boxed Users. To obtain a login email first register using the box registration form. You will need the serial number from the CD. The serial number is a code of letters and numbers counting 20 digits split up in 4 parts of 5 digits (e.g. XX0XX-000XX-X000X-000X0). Fill in all the information correctly (we need a full name & a VALID email address). Make sure your email account allows emails coming from our back office domain image-line.com & flstudio.com. You will receive a registration email from us containing your personal FL Studio Username & Password.

All customers:

Written unlock instructions

How to unlock FL Studio from the About Dialog

How to unlock FL Studio on a computer not connected to the Internet

If you have been through the above steps and are still experiencing difficulties with your personal page or reg.key please contact the back-office Technical Support team where you can create a traceable support-ticket.

FL Studio Support Team

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