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Thu Dec 26, 2013 2:12 am

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DeckaScripting: bugs & enhancement requests

In writing my recent script, I found a few minor glitches and have a few wishlist features. In general I found the scripting interface to be simple to use and understand, and powerful. Good stuff!


Automix: If you enable Automix from the script with an empty Automix list, the GUI hangs. I assume it thinks it is showing the "your list is empty" prompt, but there is none.

Level Meters A-D: Sometimes I get the peak value, sometimes I don't. I think it is retrieving the maximum level from the last audio frame. This might be silence. I wish it would retrieve the peak level since the last call for a particular deck. This would look better.

Wish list:

Track Time Remaining: I would like to have a get() call that retrieves the position within a particular track. For example, it would be neat if I could call:

float track_pos = get(TRACK_POSITION_A);

and if the track is 30% done playing, the value would be 0.3. Then I could use the VU meters on the hardware to show the track position instead of (or in addition to) blinky lights.

pre/post-fade: This is just personal taste, but I'd prefer to see pre-fade levels on the track VU meters, so I can get an idea of whether a track is too hot before I try to crossfade it in.

I think that covers it for now. Thanks for listening!

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