Gloomy - No End (Jay30k Drum & Bass Remix)

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Fri Aug 09, 2019 5:54 am


Gloomy - No End (Jay30k Drum & Bass Remix)



My good and dear friend, Erik, from the Netherlands made a remix from Gloomy's original "No End"

His Youtube page has reached 50 million!! views.. Check him out here :

Or here is his Soundcloud page :

You can download his remix for free, click the 3 dots -> download.

Thanks to everybody, thanks Erik !

Happy listening ! :-)

Gloomy - No End (Jay30k Drum & Bass Remix)

No end
I say the end is nigh
Gutters full of blood
All the whores and politicians will look up and shout "SAVE US"
And I’ll look down and I will whisper “no…”

Beyond that, unseen spy satellites
If they open their glass eyes we shall be dead
This relentless world
There is one
Only one sane way to respond

God has turned his back
Left paradise to us
Like handing a straight razor to a child
And soon the world will open up
All the cockroaches will go to fight the war

Lyrics are taken from the graphic novels 'Watchmen' by Alan Moore & Dave Gibbons and 'Doomsday Clock' by Geoff Johns & Gary Frank | Vocals & music by Jay30k | Original by

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