"Knitscher" Videoclips-> (old school?) scifi / horror / introspective shorts -> now "Beim Rotwursthenker"

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Sat Feb 20, 2021 12:31 am


"Knitscher" Videoclips-> (old school?) scifi / horror / introspective shorts -> now "Beim Rotwursthenker"

Bonjour messieurs dames,

time to introduce the latest work.

I did an instrumental album-monolith with 16 parts - all short and around some sort of old school scifi, dark electronic, horror themes - really not for everyone (netherworlds, creatures, impressionistic, comprovisations). I just call them "Knitschers"

And this time the theme was worth for me to carpenter videos for each part.
I hope those who can enjoy this kind of stuff can enjoy

The first one, start of it all:

and the second one:

Sinus Brötzer

Karifer Speck


Trousermouth Sebastian

Hand vs. machine



Wooden Sinus

AE V G 3

Bestimmer der Steine


Venus Woman

Beim Rotwursthenker
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