Gloomy - Question Hour (Full Album) 02/25/2021

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Thu Feb 25, 2021 5:08 pm


Gloomy - Question Hour (Full Album) 02/25/2021

Hey sweet people.

I've uploaded a new album: Question Hour

(free high-quality download)


01. Gloomy -A New Beginning 00:00 - 03:21
02. Gloomy ft. Moodlifter - You Make Me Happy 03:28 - 07:07
03. Gloomy - The Power Of No 07:10 - 12:12
04. Gloomy - A Bumpy Ride 12:17 - 16:30
05. Gloomy - The 'Chicken Or Egg' Paradox 16:32 - 21:07
06. Gloomy & Mechris - Unconfined Top 21:10 - 25:20
07. Gloomy - Crowd Control 25:24 - 30:30
08. Gloomy - Be No One Else 30:35 - 34:30
09. The Broken Jester - Thou Hast Been Summoned Jester (Gloomy Remix) 34:31 - 38:24

For now, this will be my last album for a while. I will take a sabbatical. Maybe we see each other back next year, maybe not. I need to move forward in my life and leave the Internet for a while. Stay positive in these hard times, it's worth it. You made me very strong. We come One.

released February 25, 2021

Thanks to my fans, my haters, synthforum, NFF, Image-Line, my friends and Moodlifter, Mechris and The Broken Jester.

Be sure to read my complete story here in the off-topic section (last post):



Gloomy :-)

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